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Sher's Shows '2016'
Decorated Dry Gourds
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Fun Pictures @ Camp Shows

This is at a show a number of years ago.

"Arts In The Park"

in Ky. It was a beautiful setting.




I believe this was at a show in downtown Findlay, OH. This Biker guy & his gal bought a snake skin hat band that day. My items have alot of appeal to the biker crowd.





Three beautiful little dancers that I got to meet at the July 25th Great Mohican Indian Pow Wow during the summer show. Unfortunatly I failed to get there names )-;



Two nice young dancers at the fall 2009 25th Great Mohican Pow Wow. They are Cuauhtemoc Salinas (right) & Joneethan Johns (left). Most dancers make there own dance outfits.



I am pretty sure this is Cuauhtemac's headdress... Wild ey!



This is very interesting to me...This is a ceremony that is done at all their shows not only honoring the Native American Veterans but all Veterans. They ask the audience Veterans to join in. Love it!! Brought tears to my eyes.









 Modern Double set up at Mohican Pow Wow

I think I have the very best spot at this show. I set up smack dab in front of the Historical "Golden Lamb" in Lebanon, OH. Many Civil war time Presidents & Generals have stayed here. The show is the "Country Apple Festival" It is only one day but boy oh boy do they get a crowd...Great Show!!


This is an old picture...I need to update next year. I do a 10x20 space now rather than the 10x10 here.




Lots of things to see when you visit me!!





Old West Festival...Part of setup