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BareFoot Sandals
You may have wondered before you hit the link...Barefoot Sandals???? Where do they come in with a Southwest item web sight but as you can see modeled on my daughters beautiful foot below this pair is southwest in design. If you read my home page I mentioned "Mostly Southwest in design items". Every now & then I stray a little!
I used to make these years ago & when asked to do these for a beach wedding they were such a hit I decided to start making them up again. As you will see some do have a Southwest flare & some do not. I think they all are pretty cool though either way...Hope you think so too!
These are a one size fits all unless you are size 10 or larger. They would have to be special ordered then. The way they work is...there are chains on both sides going around the back of the ankle. At the end of each chain is a hook. You simply wrap the chain around the back & hook the hook into the chain where it feels comfortable
( I do not recommend you hook too tight) & Wa La...You are ready to go barefoot'in it!! Great for the beach, poolside or just about anywhere...afterall you have sandals on so they can't turn you away at your favorite restaurant!!


Large Shell Beads along with Tiger Eye & Copper. Very beachie looking.

Beautiful antiqued brass & silver bees. The other beads are also antiqued brass & silver along with some golden & clear mix beads.

This is another one I question...the large beads look like shell but I think they are glass. The other beads are brown satin finish glass & copper. Very pretty... the picture does not do them justice.

Now were talk'in Southwest look'in here! The large beads are turquoise dyed Holowite beads & so are the smaller multi colored beads accented with Silver metal beads. 

This is a pair with a ...I don't know...either Southwest or Oriental look...could go either way I think. The large beads are black & copper. The rest of the beads are copper metal & gun metal along with black glass.

These really have the beach in mind with the antiqued silver fish, white freshwater pearls, clear crystals & antiqued silver beads. 

Not sure if these large beads are quartz or glass... I am thinking glass. Whatever they are, they are very nice with a natural earthy look. The other beads are glass & gold metal. 

 This pair has sort of a Southwest look to them. The large metal disk looks almost like a concho. The other beads are antiqued silver along with dyed multi colored shells pieces.

Large antiquied silver beads with somewhat of a southwest look. The other beads are antiqued silver metal & black glass.

Silver antiqued metal butterflies. This pair is a little more petite. The butterflies are smaller than many of the other sandals maine beads. The rest of the beads are a neat two toned deep pink & aqua glass along with antiqued silver beads.

Wide winged butterflies out of antiqued silver metal. The some of the beads are also antiqued silver metal along with yellow round stone & clear glass.

Much like next door but with antique pale fauceted blue milk glass beads instead of the freshwater pearls.