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Spectacular Multi Stone Cuff Bracelet

This is one heck of a piece!! Beautiful inlay of Emerald Valley Turquoise (the green), coral, onyx, spiny oyster shell & gold lip mother of pearl. Just beautiful earthy colors!! It is from the Whiterock collection. Signed Whiterock & sterling. It weighs 83.3 grams! The opening is 1 1/8" & 1 1/4" wide from top to bottom. Fits me at a 6 1/2 to 7" a bit large. should fit a 7 1/2 to 8 1/2" best. Retails right around 1 grand! My Price... drum roll....
 Price: $675.00  Sold



Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Lapis Sugilite & Created Opal Inlay Bracelet

Another beautiful cuff bracelet that is also part of the Whiterock collection. It is handmade out of genuine sterling silver, and Multicolor inlay using some of the best silversmiths and inlayers in the world. The workmanship and detail are sectacular! Beautiful color combinations with hand selected high quality stones. The inlay consists of: real turquoise with matrix, sugilite, lapis, sleeping beauty turquoise and man made opal. It is stamped sterling and hallmarked. The inner bracelet circumference measures approximately 5 3/4", plus a 1 1/4" opening. It is 1 1/8" wide & weighs 82 grams!! This also retails around a grand! My Price....
Price: $675.00




HUGE Bear Claw Sterling Turquoise & Red Coral Cuff

When I say HUGE I mean HUGE!! This is meant for a very large man or womans wrist. It is done by a Navajo artist, Mike Thomas Jr.. There are six turquoise stones that average about 10x14 mm. The two pieces of red coral about 10x6 mm. Fourteen sterling feathering leafs. The sterling silver bear is about 1 1/2" x 1 1/4". Claws about 1 3/4". The cuff is 2 3/4" wide!!! The inner circumference is  8" including the opening. The opening is 1 6/16". Weighs in at 166 grams!! It is hallmarked M. Thomas Jr. & sterling. Should fit a 8 1/2 to 9" wrist. Very large...Very Cool!! Will get attention no doubt!! Modest price for this HUGE Beautiful Piece! 
Price: $850.00 


      Large Heavy Bear Claw, Sterling & Turquoise Cuff

This would fit a smaller mans wrist or a womans wrist. The claw is 1 3/4" long & there are three large (about 12mm) turquoise stones. Two on one side one on the other. It is 109 grams, 1 1/2" wide. The inside measures 6"& the opening is a tad over 1" so fits around a 7" wrist. The cuff & the pendant are both by the same maker marked S. The pendant is listed under the pendants page. Update...Sorry Pendant was sold.
Price: $475.00

Large Bear Claw Cuff Of Sterling & Turquoise
This wonderful cuff is much like the above only larger but less weight. Meaning it would be for a larger wrist & I can sell it for a bit less. Both are very nice cuffs. This one measures 5 7/8 inside with a  1 1/2" opening. This should fit a 8" wrist nicely. I weighs 79 grams & is 1 1/2" wide. Three nice size pieces of turquoise that are on an average 18 mm. Larger stones than the above cuff. The artist is Mike Thomas...same artist that did the HUGE bear claw cuff shown above. Please know or check your state laws before purchase of black bear claws. I am letting this one go for the price below & ya can't do any better than that & if you do someone is practically giving it to you! LOL!
Price: $375.00

Large Sterling, Turquoise & Red Coral Bear Paw Cuff Bracelet
This is a real nice sterling silver cuff with a all of it's own look done by Roy Begay. It weighs 60.4 grams. Fits a 7 to 8" wrist & the opening is 1 1/8". The widest width of the cuff is 2". The bear paw design off to the side holds a small red coral & larger turquoise stone. Very different!
Price: $210.00

                          Modern Style Sterling Silver, Turquoise & Red Coral Cuff
This is not your old style cuff. It is very modernized. Has raised & lowered areas you can see in the pictures. A kokopelli on each side. a total if 14 inlaid turquoise stones & two inlaid coral pieces. This is a small cuff. I wear a 7 to 7 1/2" this is more like a 6 to 6 1/2" cuff. This must not be forced or a stone could pop out. There is a little flex but do not flex it! The inside measures 5 2/8"...the opening 1". It is signed LJ. Weighs 75.5 grams.
Price: $350.00

                    Absolutely Beautiful Inlay Multi Stone & Sterling Silver Cuff
Wow!! This is a killer bracelet. Stunning inlay of turquoise, onyx, spiny oyster & an dark opal diamond shape center. A super nice job of some channel & cobblestone style inlay. The back sides & the inside all stamped out in great design. The artist halmark is KC & marked Sterling. It weighs 73 grams!!! I am sorry to say the person I purchased from had no information on this artist. If anyone out there does I would love to hear from you. I really don't have a definate idea of it's worth. I know simular ones go for around the 15 hundred mark...I am selling for less not knowing for sure. If I find out more on it, it will most likely be marked up rather than down so get it before I figure it out! LOL The back opening is 1 1/4" & inside cuff measures 5 1/2". This will fit a 7" wrist. Mine is 6 1/2 & it i just a little big. Please note this can't be adjusted at all for fear of popping out the inlay.
Price: $975.00

Zuni Village Inlaid Large & Beautifully Done Cuff Bracelet
I am going to say this is Royston turquoise without the turquoise ribbon running through it. It looks just like it & not like one might think, picture Jasper or another thought... Picasso Marble but I am really not sure. Very pretty stone cut into a Zuni village with onxy & red coral. Both ends are done in turquoise, red coral, onyx & mother of pearl. It will fit an 6 to 7" wrist. The opening is 1 3/16" inside measues 5 1/4". The cuff width is 1". It is a heavy 76 grams in weight. Signed GMC... Gilbert M. Calavaza. Very, very nice workmanship! Retails for $900.00 many places!! Quality piece!
Price: $650.00 

                                 Zuni Gilbert M. Calavaza Gorgeous Inlay Cuff
If you want the best of the best This would be one of them This piece is beyond compare to many. Gilbert has done it! Much like the above but this has more going on with the zuni sunface & the bear. There is Different turquoise stones along with mother of pearl, black onyx, red coral, picaso marble & boulder turquoise ( the darker brown) all blending in beautifully! The inside of this measures 5 7/8. The gap is 1 3/8". It fits my 6 1/2" wrist very large so I am thinking it would fit a 7 1/2 to 8" wrist. It is 1 1/4" wide. The retail on this was $1,410.00. I am willing to sell for less. If you like it & it will love it! Sorry for the glare on the first picture )-:
Price: $950.00

                           Vintage Looking Sterling Silver Turquoise Stone Cuff
Super nice Navajo made & signed by Gilbert Tom turquoise cuff. Very well made with a beautiful large 1 2/8" x 7/8" turquoise stone. The matrix in the stone is a very pretty caramel color that is spider webbed through it. It has no flex & not recommened to adjust anyway. The inside measures 5 1/8" along with a 1 2/8" opening. The widest point (center) is 2" tall. Fits me on the smaller side & I am a 7 to 7 1/2 so if you are larger than a 7 1/2" I would not recommend. It weighs 64.2 grams.
Price: $475.00





Heavy Sterling Silver & Turquoise Cuff

This is very awsome designed sterling & turquoise cuff. Eugene Charlie is the maker. The turquoise stone is 1'x3/4". total height is 1 3/8". The inner area measures 5 7/8" opening 1 1/8". Fit's me OK at a 7 to 7 1/2" wrist but will probably fit a 8 to 8 1/2" better. It weighs 83.8 grams!
Price: $475.00 






Stunning Inlay Cuff By Ray Jack


This is one that will get alot of WOWs! Wonderful work by well know Ray Jack. I have several of his rings but this is the first cuff & it is all good just like his beautiful rings. The jet black stone, turquoise, picture jasper, man made opal & coral make up this nice Zuni village. I was told that he does not put a safety chain on his pieces & leaves it up to the owner. As you can see he does supply the rings to attach one to if you choose to. There are 4 hinges on this & the clasp has a piece of jet black stone to open it with. The width starts at 1/2" & goes up to 1" wide. it measures 6 7/8" around. It fits my 6 1/2" wrist a little large but not bad. I like it to hang down a little to show it off. Would say it will fit up to a 7. Weighs at 48.8 grams. Not too heavy & not to light! Retails for $960.00


Price: $700.00





Carico Lake Turquoise & Sterling Silver Heavy Cuff

This is a stunning cuff bracelet by Navajo silversmith, Allison Lee.  She is a smith for Steve Kinner.  The stamp on this piece was first used in 1977.  It is all sterling silver and set with the most magnificent Carico Lake turquoise (1 5/8" by 1 1/4').  The top of the cuff is 2 1/4" tall.  The inner circumference is 6 1/4" including the opening which is 1" (not pliable).  It weighs 102 grams!  It is stamped "Allison Lee, Navajo, sterling".  This is a very solid, well made piece like all of her work.  Carico turquoise is becoming highly sought after and very scarce. It is very green in color (almost a dark lime color along with cream or tanish color, then with rust like veins)  This is an exquisite specimen. A wonderful addition to a collection.
Price: VERY Reasonable Price!  $650.00!!Sold



Multi Stone Sterling Silver Cuff

This is a really gorgeous, bracelet from Spanish artist Fransisco Gomez who's usual style is Navajo.  It is all sterling with several stones/shells. The 1 3/4"x 1 2/8" center stone is a robin egg blue turquoise (real pretty). There are a total of 6 orange spiny oyster shell pieces along with two yellow & green stones on the sides. I do not know what stone the yellow & green mix is but it really looks good on this cuff. It is signed like the piece below in the far right. The inside measures 5 3/4" the opening is 1 1/4". I am a 7 to 7 1/2" size & this is big on me. It would fit up to a 8" wrist I would say. The height from top to bottom is 2". Weighs 69.3 grams.
Price: $299.00 




Turquoise, Spiny Oyster & Gaspite Sterling Silver Cuff

This in colors is much like the above it is smaller in width but don't let it fool ya. It is a heavy 77.5 grams. The stones & shell are all real nice. The small round stones are 1/2" The larger turquoise oval  is 7/8"x 6/8". The width of the silver cuff is 1 1/8". The inside measures 5 5/8"...The opening is 1 3/8" It fits me large so it should fit a 8 to 9" wrist. It's signed CW.
Very nicely done...Pretty!
Price: $295.00

                                                Dry Creek Turquoise & What a Fabulous Piece It Is!!
Dry Creek Turquoise is one of my favorites & this is a beautiful example done by Sunshine Reeves! Very well known for his silverwork & great stone setting. You will not be disappointed with this piece unless of course it is not your size! Beautiful light sky blue turquoise & great matrix running through it in a medium brown color.
The inside measures 5 3/8". Opening is 1 1/4"... Good fit for a 6 1/2" to 7" wrist. The cuff is 1 1/4" wide! Stone is a tad over 1"long & 7/8" wide. Weighs 81.6 G's. Super...super nice bracelet!
Price: $675.00

Very Heavy Navajo Sterling & Turquoise Cuff
Outstanding Turquoise cuff hallmarked by Kirk Smith. It is a beautiful color of turquoise with alot of brown matrix. The stone measures 1 1/8" X 6/8". The height of the cuff at it's highest point is 1 5/8". The cuff is a VERY heavy 116.5 grams!! It is done in (what I call) a brushed antique sterling silver.  It is made this way to give it the old style Old Pawn look but it is new. There is no give in this so cannot be adjusted. The inside measures 5 1/2" the opening is 1 1/4". It is pretty true to color...maybe a tad of green in the real thing but not much at all. I do not know what kind of turquoise & I will not guess.
Price: $899.00

                                                     Wonderful Wild Horse Inlay Cuff
The craftmanship on this is at it's best! Artist Steve Francisco has made this great cuff. The wild horse cut stones have sterling strips in between them. I love the cuts in the top & bottom solid sterling. The cuff does an interesting graduation from 3/4" wide down to a 6/16" narrow. Inside measures a tad over 5" with an opening of 1 1/4". I wear a 6 1/2" to 7" cuff. This fits nice but with no room to spare. Hallmarked with SF & Sterling.
Price: $275.00
                              Beautiful Turquoise & Opal Inlaid Cuff Also By Steve Francisco
Such a nice piece can be dressed up or down. It has 21 pieces of inlay turquoise & lab opal divided with sterling spacers. The light blue turquoise and the opal compliment each other so well. Beautifully done Steve!!
The inside measures 5 1/4" and the opening is 1 3/8". I believe this would best fit a 7" wrist. Mine is between 6 1/2 to 7" & it is just a tad large but can still be worn by a 6 1/2" wrist also. Please be sure on your wrist size as this can not be adjusted due to the inlay. It is 5/8" wide & weighs 36.6 grams
Price: $299.00 

Real Nice Blue Green Turquoise Cuff Made to Look Old Style
Super nice Old Style Turquoise & Sterling Silver cuff. The stones are top quality with a caramel color matrix. It is a very large size. The inner area measures 6" along with a 2" opening. Should fit an 8 to 9 inch wrist. Very slight adjustment is possible. The work on this is very nice. It is a heavy...73.5 grams... hallmarked M. If it fit me I would of kept it...That nice!!!!!!!! The color is a tad more green...just a tad!
Price: $375.00Sold


Navajo Old Pawn Turquoise Cuff Bracelet

Won't go wrong with this wonderful piece!! It has a concho belt type look to it. Heavy weight...91 grams! It is large, meant for a large wrist. Measures 6 1/2" inside & also has a 1 1/4" opening. The cuff is 1 1/4" wide. The turquoise stones are about 9x7 mm. It is hallmarked H. Mtz. Navajo & Sterling. Will fit around an 8" wrist.
Price: $475.00





Wide, Large All Sterling Silver Horse Story Teller Cuff

Very nice unique cuff bracelet with five horses. Each end has a horse seen in third picture. Done with great detail. It is crafted by well known Navajo silversmith Eric Delgarito. Weights 74 grams. Measures 5 3/4" inside & then the opening is 1 1/2". It is 1 7/8" wide. Hallmarked D & Sterling.
Price: $300.00 Sold







Great Nickle Silver, Copper &

Turquoise Cuff
Navajo artist Albert Cleveland would be the creator of these two Super Southwest Cowboy/Cowgirl Cuffs. They are 1 5/16" wide. The copper banded one (top) is 5 7/8" on the inside with a 1 1/8" opening. The nickle silver banded one (bottom) is 5 14/16" on the inside with a 1 5/16" opening so the nickle silver one is a bit larger. They would fit a 8 to 8 1/2" wrist. Both have nice oval Turquoise cabs in them. Retail on these are $180.00 each.
Price: $155.00 each





Very Chunky, Thick Copper &

Sterling Silver Cuff
This is one very cool piece. The cuffs 1" wide. The opening is 1 1/4" & 5 5/8" on the inside. Fits my 6 1/2" to 7" wrist fairly large so should fit a 7 1/2" to 8 1/2" wrist very well. It is Navajo made & signed RS & sterling. Really, Really nice!
Price: $130.00 Sold 



Sterling Silver Cuff

Highly decorated wide all sterling cuff. Superb workmanship! This is done by Carson Blackgoat. It is signed Carson B. It is 1 1/2" wide. The opening is 1 3/8". It will fit from a 7 to a 8 1/2 or 9 inch wrist. weighs 67.3 grams. I have one for my own & love it! It goes with everything. Can't beat the price either!
Price: $225.00

Large Boulder Turquoise
Sterling Silver Cuff
What a beautiful piece! Between the silver work of Eugene Belone & this outstanding piece of Boulder Turquoise we have a winner here! The turquoise is like translucent along with great brown & tan matrix...soooo pretty. It is a large wide cuff at 58  grams but not overly heavy considering it's size. The width is 1 1/2". The stone is about 1" tad shorter across. The opening is 1" & inside measures 5 14/16". This should fit a 7 1/2" wrist give or take a little. I have a 6 1/2" & it fits quite loose. I believe it can be adjusted a very tiny bit very gently.  
Price: $576.00


Big Royston Turquoise Stone Cuff 

Nice large piece of Royston ribbon turquoise centers this cuff signed by DS & Sterling. Ribbon turquoise seems to be on the popular side right now & a bit of a price to go along with it but it is great looking & something different. This will fit a 7 1/2 to 8 1/2" wrist with slight adjustment available. The opening is 1 1/2" & the width is 1 1/2" top to bottom. The center piece is 1 1/2" X 1 1/4". Good price I can pass on to you...
Price: $299.00


Solid Sterling Silver Tribal

Stamped Cuff
Real nice small man wrist or a womans domed cuff. It is signed W T & Sterling. The opening is 1 5/16" that can be slightly adjusted. Inside measures 6"...would fit nice on a 7 or 7 1/2" wrist. It is 1" wide & weighs 32.8 grams.
Price: $139.00







Sterling Silver Floral Leaf Filigree Cuff

I really like this because it is different than I have ever seen. Sort of has the look of the spoon jewelry only this is solid sterling silver. It is marked sterling & is halmarked LT. It weighs 19 grams. The inside measures 5 6/16" & 1 2/16" opening so would fit a 6 1/2" to 7" wrist without any adjustment. It can be ajusted some very carefully. 
Price: $95.00





           Sterling Silver Floral Cuff





Bronze & Turquoise Chip Inlay Cuff

This is one beautiful & different piece. I may just end up keeping it if it hangs around too long. It is 14/16" wide (almost an inch). It measures 5 1/2 around the inside with an added 1 3/8" opening. Fits me perfect & I am between a 6 1/2' to 7" around. The maker is Nakai. It is 40 grams. I try to hunt very different & this is a good example. You should not be disappointed.
Price:  $155.00 Sold



Great Little Inlay Turquoise

& Onyx Cuff

Inlay cuffs are very attractive & pretty but know that bending can pop out the stones. This has very little give & cannot be forced...Please! This looks so nice with a touch of robin egg blue turquoise in it. The black onyx & the turquoise stones have a thin line of sterling silver dividing them. It is signed PL. It is 1/2" wide. The opening is 1 1/2" & the inside measures 5 10/16". Fits my 7 1/2" wrist big so it would fit an 8 1/2" to 9 or 9 1/2" wrist.
Price: $ 230.00










Great Copper Lined

Sterling Silver Cuff

This is by far the nicest mix of copper & sterling silver I have ever seen in a cuff. It is very solid & heavy. It is so solid it would be hard to adjust but probably can if you do so very slow, carfully & not very much. I have 2 of these. They are about the same size 5 1/2" inside measurement & 1 3/8" opening. The other 5 3/8" inside measurement & 1 1/2" opening. They weigh 44.5 grams & are 5/8" wide. They are signed WJ 925 & Copper.
Price: $99.00

Wonderful Old Vintage Bell Copper Cuff
This is one great cuff! It is very showy & makes quite a statement. It is just shy of 2" wide! Inside measures 5 1/2" & opening about 1 1/2" sow overall about 7". It can be carefully adjusted some. The inside is stamped "Copper Bell" & has a bell logo. It's in very good shape!
Price: $48.00
Cobblestone & Channel Inlay 
Cuff Bracelet
This Zuni in design cuff is sure to make you happy. This is inlayed with all kinds of stones & shells. The cobblestone front is greenish blue turquoise. This cuff is 3/4" wide. The inside measures 5 5/16"  & the opening is 1 1/4". Fits my 6 1/2" wrist with a little wiggle room. Both sides, as you can see, are different patterns It is marked sterling.

   Sterling Silver & Turquoise Feather Cuff
In case anyone has not figured it out by now I sorta have a thing for feathers so I find myself purchasing many of all sorts. This is a real nice feather cuff. The artist is Mike Thomas Jr.. The width is 1". The inside of the cuff measures 5 3/4" with a 1" opening. Fits a 6 1/2 or 7" wrist. Can have very slight adjustment. It's 39 grams.
Price: $285.00

Solid Copper Feather Cuffs
OK there are lots of feather cuffs out there but these are the first I have seen in solid copper. Very nicely done by Navajo artist Douglas Etsitty. They are a bit ajustable. One is 5 7/8" inside & opening 1 1/8" The other 6" inside & 1 1/2" opening. They fit quite a bit different. the smaller fits my 6 1/2' wrist a tad large. The other would probably fit a 7 1/2 to an 8" wrist. they are 3/4" wide.
Price: $55.00 each 

Nice Antiqued Sterling Silver
& Turquoise Cuff
Has the look of old cuff but assure you it is new & a wonderful piece. I have always liked alot of brown matrix in turquoise & this is a good example of that. I don't know...just think it gives it a more earthy look. It is hallmarked with an S & a back slash line? Do not know the artist. the inside measures 5 1/2" with a 1" opening. It is 1 2/16" wide. Fits my 6 1/2" wrist perfect. It is heavy/thick so ajustment not recommended. Weighs 56.9 grams.
Price: $350.00

Light Pink Mop Shell &
Sterling Silver Filigree Cuff
Beautiful feminine looking cuff. The oval shells cabs are very light in pink color & are about 1/2" tall. Both sides have the very nice silverwork seen here on one side. The width is a tad over 3/4" at it's widest point. The inside measures 5 7/16" with a 1 6/16" opening. Fits my 6 1/2" wrist a bit large. Should fit a 7 to 7 1/2" perfect. Signed SC. I would not recommend adjusting.
Price: $169.00






 Cobblestone & Channel Inlay Sterling

Silver Cuff Bracelet



Very Cool cuff for those of you who like color & want to stand out a bit! This has hundreds of inlay pieces of turquoise, mother of pearl, spiny oyster for a few all set in sterling silver! Very amazing work! The width is 1". The opening is 1 1/2" & inside cuff measures 5 3/16". It will fit a 6 1/2" wrist. It cannot be adjusted. Both side look the same. It is marked Sterling. Weighs 47.1 gram 


Price $275.00









Lots of Sky Blue In This Inlay Cuff


I have done very well with these inlay cuffs. They are amazing in there workmanship. They are Zuni in design but I do not know for sure if they are Zuni made. This one has alot of sky blue turquoise inlay along with spiny oyster, mother of pearl, coral, sugilite, malichite, lapis & pink shell. The sides are done in a cobblestone inlay. It is 7/8" wide. The opening is 1 3/8". Will fit a 7 to 8 " wrist well. Remember there is no give in these inlay cuffs. Inlay can pop out if one were to bend to fit.


Price: $250.00





Navajo Stamped Copper Cuff 


This was done by Navajo artist Stephen Gray from Western New Mexico. Copper seems to be the rage this year...Maybe it has to do with the economy. It is more affordable & yet very nice looking. This piece is 1" wide. It has an inner circumference of 6" & a 1" opening. It can be ajusted very carefully by owner.


Price: $46.00 







Wide Copper Native Made Copper Cuff


This is a fantactic tooking cuff...solid heavy cuff. Weighs 75.6 grams. It is not hallmarked but whoever did it did a nice job! The width is 1 3/8". Inside measures 5 3/4" with a 1 1/8" opening. Fits my 6 1/2" wrist a tad big so would fit a 7" perfect.


Price: $64.00




Another Copper Cuff!


Copper is big & I have stocked up. This is yet another great looking one. It is a tad over 3/4" wide. Inside measures 6 6/16" with an opening of 1 2/16" so it will fit a larger wrist of say 8 to 9 with maybe a slight ajustment either way. Weighs 56.5 grams! The stampwork is real nice with a black rub inside them. It is hallmarked BLKGT...maybe one of the Blackgoats I would say?


Price: $52.00





Petite But Full Of Bling

Turquoise, Coral, Sterling & Gold Fill Cuff


I found this gem for those that don't like wide cuffs but like alot going on. As you can see two pieces of turquoise & three of red coral average about 8 mm. The sides are a mix of 12 k gold fill feathers & spirals of sterling silver. It is 6/16" wide. Inside measures 5 1/4" with a 1 2/16" opening so fit a 6 1/2 to 7" wrist. Halmark say's Virginia C. Would not recommend adjusting but it is a bit flexible. 13.6 grams


Price: $99.00  






Heavy Twisted Beautiful

Sterling Silver Cuff
Chunky solid heavy 48.5 grams of Sterling Silver!!! Has a tad over 1 1/4" opening & 5" measurement on the inside fits around a 6 to 6 1/2" wrist give or take a little. REALLY nice quality. Picture does not show it as nice as it is. No hallmark. One time slightly adjustable with care.
I also have a 29.7 gram one that is priced at $76.00.
I also have a petite on that is 8.2 gram. Fits same size wrist slightly adjustable also. It is $29.00.
Price: $89.00

Sterling Silver Cuff

This is a really nicely done cuff. All sterling silver. It is very large so would fit a large woman or a man. The inside measures 6". I am thinking it will fit a 10 or 11" wrist. The opening is 1 6/16" & is 1 1/2" wide top to bottom. It is signed M Thomas. It weighs 68.3 grams. Very Nice! 
Price: $299.00 Sold






Great Navajo Turquoise Cuff

Nice well made cuff. This is not new. Hallmark/artist is R Martines Navajo & sterling. Stones all beautifully placed  & all very secure. It is 3/4" wide ...has a 1 1/16" opening. It is 5 1/2" inside. Fits my wrist that is between a 6 1/2 to 7 1/2". I do not recommend bending or stretching. It has very small give to it. It is antiqued with back in the deep cuts making the sterling design. Weighs 45.3 grams...heavy for a small cuff.
Price: $169.00Sold






Wonderful Antiqued Sterling Silver

Floral Design Cuff
When I put this on it was very hard for me to go ahead & list this many...I love it! It's all sterling silver that weighs 33.7 grams, nice weight not to heavy & not flimsy. Signed A & Sterling. The inside measures 5 5/6" & the opening 1 1/16". Will fit loose on a 6 1/2" wrist & tight on an 8". It has a little give to it so could do very slight ajustment. It is at it widest point 1" & narrows down around the back side to 5/16". 
Price: $188.00




Nice Large Stamped Sterling Silver

& Turquoise Cuff

Great cuff by well known artist Gary Reeves. He & Sunshine do wonderful stamped items. Very quality work. This is a large cuff that has a nice turquoise stone with a gun metal or silvery matrix in it. It measures about 3/4" wide & 1" tall so the stamped silver is 13/16" tall. The opening is 1 1/2" & inside measurements is 6" so it should fit an 8 1/2 to 9" wrist. There is very little flex & would need to be careful to not pop out the stone. Weighs 55.9 grams. Great low price for this artists work.
Price: $325.00







Vintage Solid Copper Southwest Design Wide Cuff

This great cuff was pre-owned but can hardly tell it is very good condition. It is 1 1/4" wide. The opening is 1 6/16" & inside measure 5 6/16" All the way around comes to about 7". It can be adjusted slightly & carefully.
Price: $39.00



Three Nice Twisted Copper Cuffs

They are all solid copper & all very nice. Many feel these help with pain. the metal does something to relieve pain. I do not know for sure...just passing on what I have heard. Ok now, the bottom one is  about 5/16" wide...chunky. The opening is 1" & it is a of 5 1/2" inside so total 6 1/2". The top right is about 1/4" wide. The opening is 1 1/4" & it is 5 1/4" so another about 6 1/2". The top left is about 1/4" wide. The opening is 1" & Inside measure about 5" so it totals out at 6". They do not have a halmark but I was told they are by E Tahe. They can be adjusted a little.
Price for bottom:  $32.00
          " top right: $26.00Sold  
           " top left:  $26.00Sold






Vintage Sand Cast Red Coral & Sterling Cuff

I thought this was a great find. I was told it was in a museum at one time I would guess because it is a wonderful fine job of sand casting. It is old...don't know how old. As most old pieces go this one is not signed. It weighs in at heavy 77.4 grams. The coral pieces are about 8x6 mm ovals & a 5 mm round. The inside of the cuff measures 5" with a 1 5/8" opening. It fits my 6 1/2" wrist large so would fit more like a 8" wrist. It cannot be adjusted but can be returned if it does not fit.
Price: $299.00





Zuni Inlay Link Bracelet

This is another great find. Beautiful workmanship in the sterling silver work & the inlay work. All the hinges are in great working order & very well made. The stones are turquoise, malicite, lapis, sugilite, spiny oyster, onyx & mother of pearl. It measures 8 1/2" latched. Will fit a large wrist. It is 7/8" wide. It is marked Sterling but not halmarked. Very unusual piece.
Price: $950.00 Reduced... $800.00

       A Real Beauty...Black Onyx, Pink Mop Shell
                               Sterling Silver Cuff
I typically shy away anymore from raised inlay for fear of it busting out easy & if it is not done right & it will. This is not the case here. It is a super job done...quality piece! Not saying if you were to bang it real hard it won't come out but it would be hard to break out on this piece. It is 1/4" wide in the center & narrows down going to the back with a nice little added stamped tips on the end (last pic.). The opening is 12/16" & inside measures 5 1/4". Will fit a 5 1/2 to 6" wrist. Please note NOT adjustable please! It is signed inside but my husband & I can not make it out. Price marked on it was $150.00 but I am letting it go for considerably less.
Price: $110.00

Beautiful Pilot Mt. Turquoise Cuff
Really nice piece done by A. Cadman. The piece of Pilot Mt. Turquoise is beautiful!! It measures about 21x12mm. Weighs 36.6 grams. It is 5/8" tall. Inside measures 5 1/2" with a 1 1/8" opening . will fit a 6 1/2 to 7 1/2" wrist depending on how tight or loose you want it.
Price: $330.00