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Bone and Horn
Breast Plate
With Choker
This is a large breast
plate with tea dyed 4" hair pipes and
1 1/2" golden horn
center. A large (2")
Antler rosette is the center decoration that has a stone cab in the center of it.
There are brass beads in various areas. Round natural leather cord is used to string it. The base without the neck strap runs
10 1/2 wide and 17
The choker is included. It is made out of the same materials. It is 13 1/4
long without the leather ties.
Price: $250.00 w/ three strand choker...
$260.00 w/four strand
choker...Sold but can make up another one!
Black Horn

And Abalone

Breast Plate

With Choker


This as all black horn. The

4" & 1" hair pipes are steer & the round small beads are buffalo. There are also silver beads. The choker has a round disk of abalone in the center. There is also a free form abalone piece in the center of the breast plate. It is strung with round leather black cord.

The base without the neck strap is 10 1/2" wide and 17" long. The choker is 14" without the leather ties.


Price: $235.00 w/choker Sold... Can make up another one with a deposit down.




Golden Horn &

Brass Breast Plate


This breast plate is all golden horn. The picture of the choker is the more true to life color. The beads are brass & amber colored glass beads. The center decor is a large antler rossette that I have placed a large real amber cabochon. It is strung with natural round leather lace. The hair pipes are large 4" & 1 1/2" in the center. The base without the neck strap is 16 1/2" long & 11 1/2" wide.

The choker is included in the price. It is 13 1/2" long not including the ties.


Price: $249.00