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Burden Basket

Native American women used burden baskets to hang across the shoulder and leave the hands free, while having a place to keep herbs, berries, twigs for starting fires, and any other of the many things that she might pass during her daily duties, that she would find useful for her family's needs. When she arrived home each day, she would hang the basket by the entrance of their dwelling. If visitors came to visit they waited outside for an "invite", if they were not invited in, they left not offended, but understanding that it was not a good time for a visit. If they were invited in, they were expected to deposit their troubles in the basket so the visit would be pleasant and their conversation would not be clouded with bad feelings.
                                             " Leave Your Troubles at the Door"!!!
                            Large  Wall Mount Burden Basket


This basket has been adorned with real nice quality, pretty color rabbit fur along with pheasant body feathers & the longer side feathers are grouse, saddle colored deer skin was used. It has glass beige, rusty orangish & gold colored beads, also gold colored conchos.There are brass stud nails on each side where the hanging fringe is. There is a real deer antler attached in the center & a dream catcher woven in the center area.

This measures 20 1/2" wide and about 32" long not including the leather hanger. Great Decorative Basket!


Price: $125.00 Sold



                                       Large Wall Hanging Burden Basket
Another wonderful basket. This is a little different style than most my baskets. Lots if rabbit fur, lots if fringe & lots of feathers. I have never used jingle cones on baskets before. I think I will again! I like them! They are small 1 1/2" in length not including the silver & glass yellow beads. The center has a real deer antler. The feathers are large # 1 quality wild turkey feather & small pheasant body feathers.
It measures 20" wide & 28" long not including the leather hanging strap.
Price: $115.00 Sold

Tiny Little Egg Burden Basket 


This is a real tiny hand made egg basket that I have done up with rabbit fur on the front & lines the inside. The 2 conchos are antiqued silver. The beads are tea dyed bone & brown glass along with some antiqued silver. The feathers off the beads are pheasent. It also has a small real antler for decoration. The leather is a light buckskin color. It measures 6" wide & 5" tall. So Cute!


Price: $30.00



Hand Painted Birch Bark Basket


I purchased these baskets unpainted from a northern Chippewa Tribe. I then did a mix of spray, splattering and hand painting to make this horse scene. It turned out very pretty. It can be used as a planter basket (if lined) or

I use one as a waste basket.

It measures 9" tall, the bottom 7" and top 11" wide


Price: $62.00







Dream Catcher Burden Basket


Large dream catcher basket done up with light color rabbit, antler, domestic turkey & pheasant feathers. It has gold  translucent glass, bone & antiqued gold beads. It measures 33" long & about 13" wide. Very Pretty!


Price: $110.00Sold







Burden Basket With Dream Catcher Center


Just finished a few more baskets here. This one has a 5x8" dream catcher woven into the center. The basket itself is 12x21" & the total length with feathers not including a small hang strap is 39". I have added a nice 8" long antler on the one side dor extra decoration. The beads are antiqued gold metal plated along with brown & tan glass beads. The rabbit fur is a brownish tan with some gray in there. The feathers are pheasant.


Price: $120.00Sold





Very Cool Large Wall Hanging

Burden Basket


This is Very Pretty! The center is a dream catcher woven into the basket. It has a small set of deer antlers up at the top. The rabbit fur is real pretty multi tans, brown and white. It has a antique brass concho in the center of the rabbit fur along with a feather fan of  small pheasant feathers. The sides are draped with small and larger pheasant feathers. The buckskin is a saddle color. The beads are tea dyed bone, chocolate glass beads and antiqued brass colored beads.

This measures 31" long with the hanging feathers and 17" wide.


Price: $110.00 Sold I have a new one I will post soon. Posted below!!











Triangle Burden Basket


This basket is loaded with rabbit fur & lots of rusty brown feathers (small wild turkey tail feathers...REAL Nice quality ones). It has copper & tan beads along with a real nice copper concho. There is a real antler added towards the top. The leather is saddle deerskin. The feather fan is a rusty brown...very pretty! It measures 37" long & 15" wide.



Price: $105.00 Sold I have one very close to this but a few more feathers & bigger feathers. Price on it will be $125.00. If interested Email me & I will send some photos. Plan to post it soon!









Another Great Burden Basket With

          Dream Catcher Center


This basket is nice & long. The dream catcher center is 5x10". The basket is 10x23" and the overall length is 41" with all the feathers. The beads & conchos are antiqued silver along with black & amber glass beads. The feathers are very nice quality wild turkey tail feathers along with some others. The rabbit fur is a black, gray, brown & white mix. There is a really unusual non typical antler on the one side that fits in really neat. I really like the looks of this one...think you will also!


Price: $115.00Sold...working on another one soon!








    Huge Burden Basket With Anter &

              Dream Catcher Center


Wow...I am telling you if I had a large wall space open I would of kept this beauty ( where it is for the photo shoot is a spot I have a very dear piece of art of an original water color my sister had done or it would of gone there). I am really proud of how this one turned out. The center dream catcher is 10" round. The basket is 26" round. The thick nice matching antler set are about 8" long. The total length of the basket with the feathers & horse hair tassles not including the hang strap is 61"!!! The beads are antiqued gold, tea dyed bone & amber glass. There are over 2 rabbit hide to adorn this basket. The feathers are beautful pheasant on the sides & off the center concho & three horse hair tassles are red turkey...really cool looking feathers & quality...all of them. The deerskin leather is a nice saddle color. The horse hair tassles are a reddish brown or rust. If it will fill a spot on your wall I can not see any reason you would not be happy with this piece.


Price: $255.00Sold


Please note this is very large & will have a considerable amount of postage to ship. Just know from past experience on shipping big items & thought you should know.