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Kachina Gourd
This gourd is actually made out of two gourds. The
facial features are wood burned in & colored in with
various colored leather dyes.
The headdress & the necklace are out of small peacock body feathers & a golden buckskin. The necklace also has brass beads attached. This same design is on the
back side for a 360 degree viewing. This is one of
my favorites that I am offering to you! This piece is 10"
by 4".
Price: $98.00
Gourd Neck Pouch
This 5" by 3 3/4 Gourd Neck Pouch has a sinew stitched
on saddle buckskin backing that has a flap with a real
antler slice button closure. It is adorned with various
glass, brass and bone beads.
On each side of the pouch is a bone feather 2 1/4 long.
Wood burned on the gourd would be a buffalo and
sun figure. It is colored with leather dyes. The braided
buckskin neck strap is 38" in length.
Price: $49.00 Sold

Goat Gourd
This has three goats with sort of a petroglyph look to it. It is wood burned in and leather dyed for color. A decorative saddle tan braided leather trims it out.
It measures 7 1/4" tall and 6" wide.
Price: 59.00 Sold
Goat Wall Vase Gourd
This would look nice with the above gourd. It is done up all the same. Wood burned & leather dyes. It has the same color braided leather strap also. It has 2 goats. It measures 7 1/4" tall not including the hang strap & 3 1/2" wide
Price: $33.00 Sold


Off White, Gold, Bone

And Amber Gourd


This is a little more dressy with the white and gold. It has an antiqued or blotted effect to it. The top is done in about eight strands of sea grape vines. It has a 1 1/4 bone disk in the center with bone, amber and gold beads. It has a bone fish and two bone feather beads.

Measures 4 1/2 high and 6 1/4 wide.


Price: $58.00Sold



Feather And Concho Gourd


This is my most popular gourd! I can hardly keep up with making them. Yes, this is one that if it sells I can make another one. As a matter of fact I usually have two made

up at a time. So if you like it & this one is sold I can send you a picture of the next one or two made up. It has the pheasant feather fan front with an antiqued gold concho. The beads are antiqued gold, redish brown glass and bone.

I have natural rough edged saddle buckskin around the top along with a braided finish on the top (I can do a feather edge around the top if you think you would like it better than the braid). This one has a ring to hold it in place. Not all gourds are the same shape & this one needed a little help. The ring actually looks good with it. It is wrapped in leather. 

Measures 6" tall and about 7 3/4" wide.


Price: $68.00     I have another one almost done & will have up soon!



Turtle And Feather Gourd


This gourd has a nice swing curve cut into it that made it nice to add the pheasant feathers and ceramic turtle at the end of it. There are date palm stalks used on the curve attached with natural color sinew. It has what I would call

a very earthy look to it.

It measures 8" tall and about 7 1/2" wide.


Price: $69.00 Sold


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Kokopelli Tall Gourd


Remember the ole' fabric paint tee shirts?? Well this is the same idea only on a gourd! This is a design in fabric that I have glued on & then put fabric paint on in black & copper! It has metal copper beads and black glass beads. There is an antler rosette with the beads hanging off some black deerskin strands & large peacock wing feather. I did not know peacocks had brown feathers but this is what I was told. If anyone knows different please let me know. Anyway, it is a very pretty feather! The very top of the gourd has a cut out design with a thin black leather braid. It is 16 1/4" tall & 6 1/2" wide!! Very striking piece.


Price: $105.00 Sold




Feather Gourd With Chrysocolla Cabochon


Loads of feathers on this very, very pretty gourd. The feathers are peacock & hackle feather that go all the way around this pretty large gourd. The front area has a fancy design with a real chrysocolla cabochon center. The feathers go from a rust, cream & black mix into a deep red almost burgandy (it's not as red as the picture came out) & cream around the side & back. There is leather braiding around the top back side. It is colored with a rust leather dye. The gourd is 8" tall & about 9 1/2"" wide.


Price: $ 89.00





Gourd Rattle


I used the whole gourd to make this rattle. There is a hole cut in the top to clean it out, add pebbles & then sealed with a very large antler rosette. It measures 2" itself! The bear design is on both sides. The handle is covered in a light buckskin stitched on with sinew & fringed at the bottom. Then I added glass & brass beads. The feathers are molted parrot & macaw. Molted meaning naturally dropped. The gourd is 17" long, 22" with the fringe & feathers. The ball top is about 4" wide.


Price: $75.00

I know alot of my gourds are marked sold...sorry!

Please contact me if there is one you like & I will get back & let you know if I can or not make another close to it.

Thank You,





Feather Gourd With Amber Cabochon


This gourd is much like the one next door only a little smaller & different colors. It has an real amber cabochon. The feathers are hackles & peacock in rust, cream & black mix on the front. The side & back is black & rust feathers. The gourd has a leather dye finish of buckskin with a buckskin leather braid around the top. Measures about 7 1/2" tall & 8 1/2" wide.


Price: $89.00


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  Great Looking Gourd Here!


Lot's of earthiness going on here! The gourd is a little over 10" tall and about 5 1/2 to 6' wide. The top rim that has a small drop down U front is topped in a thin braided saddle colored buckskin. The feather front is 4 x 5". The feathers are Phesant & Guinea in rust, deep green, gold, black & white. The round disk is of two shades of green wood beads along with antiqued silver & copper beads measures 2 1/2" around. Really is pretty. Finish is a tan shoe polish that can be redone if it should dull over much time. Great Piece!


Price: $86.00 Sold






Deer Foot Gourd Rattle


Real deer leg with hoof! The two deer's are wood burned into the gourd and painted with leather dyes. The gourd and leg is wrapped with saddle colored buckskin with a decorative braid and two brass beads along with two pheasant feathers. It measures 13" long and 4" wide. Has a nice sound!


Price: $69.00 Sold


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Gourd Purse


This is my first try at a gourd purse. I think it turned out real nice but I have to say it is more of a decorative piece because the thickness of the gourd. It really should be a bit thicker for more strength. It can be used but you would need to be careful with it. The design is dremel tooled in and gourd dyes used for color. The hinges and front closure is a golden buckskin. The front closure also uses a golden horn hair pipe and red and green glass beads along with two metal copper beads and really nice antiqued bone feathers. The long braided shoulder strap also has the bone feathers and beads. The gourd measures about 7" round.


Price: $89.00



Black On Black And White Gourd


Really nice gourd that has black painted inside and a black and white spray speckled paint finish. It is trimmed out at the neck with black buckskin. It has a braid around it also that has a 1 1/4" concho and long black feathers hanging off of it. It also has a fan of small black feathers that go all the way around it that also have a few seed beads every now and then. Very striking!

Measures about 7" tall and 8" wide.


Price: $72.00





 Abalone, Philodendron Sheaths and Raffia Gourd


This is a nice thick gourd that I have laced black sinew around the philodendron sheaths & raffia. On the end of the V neck I have added a few brown & black glass beads with a nice free formed piece of abalone shell. Very decorative piece.

Measures 10" high and about 8 1/2" wide.


Price: $85.00



 Buffalo Skull Gourd


This is a very large thick shelled gourd that the buffalo skull design has been dremel tooled & wood burned in. The paints are leather dyes & watered down acrylics to give it a translucent look. I have a saddle braided buckskin around the top. Really nice gourd.

Measures 10" tall and about 9" wide.


Price: $95.00Sold... I have made several of these so I can make another one for you!


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 Wall Hanging Horse Gourd



This gourd is made up of two parts of two gourds. The top piece is added to give it a vase look. The braid is used to hide the joining and as a decorative addition. The beads are wood & tea dyed bone. The feathers are pheasant. A dremal tool is used to cut the design in & leather dyes are used for color. It has a leather hanging strap.

Measures 11 1/2" tall and about 9 1/2" wide.


Price: $89.00 Sold



Iron Wood Turtle

Gourd Lid


This Gourd I have leather dyed to have the look of burl wood. The lid has an iron wood turtle attached. The lid sits a bit raised & has a spot it fits best for looks.

Measures about 7 1/2" high & 8 1/2" wide.


Price: $83.00 Sold



Regalia Dressed Dance Indian on Gourd


This was alot of work but well worth it in the end. I am very happy with it! This is a wood burned silhouette, so to speak, of an Indian dancer. This picture has been around and I just had to do it up on a gourd. I have used leather dye & (a new thing out) gourd paint on it. The top has a saddle tan deerskin braid with pheasant feathers. The side has an antler rosette with a leather strap to hold it on. The straps have brass and golden horn hairpipe beads along with pheasant feathers. It is 13 1/4" tall!!! and 8" wide.


Price: $155.00Sold



Romping Wild Horse Gourd


Nice vase like decoration. Three wild horses romping. It is done in leather dyes. The horses have a little green in them to give them a patina look. There is a saddle tan deerskin braid around the top. It measures 7 1/2" tall and 7 1/2" wide.


Price: $89.00Sold


           Horse Wall Vase Gourd


This gourd would look nice with the above gourd. It is a small wall vase with the same braided leather strap like the above. There is one horse on this one. It is done in leather dyes & the horse outline is burned in with a wood burner. It is 8 1/2" tall not including the hanging strap &4 1/2" wide.


Price: $38.00 Sold


  "Three Lady's Walk & Talk"


You lady's out there know where I'm coming from and these lady's are dressed for it!!





Lady's are woodburned and again leather dyes are used for color.

Gourd is 6 1/4" tall & 7" wide.


Price: $74.00


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Ringneck Pheasant Gourd


This is a new version of one of the above gourds. The concho is an antiqued copper. The braiding is black buckskin. It is a smaller size gourd...very sweet. It is 5 1/2" tall & 6" wide. This one is sold but I have two more made up that are very close to it. One is 5 1/4" tall x 6 1/2" wide. The other 5" tall & 6 3/4 wide. As I say they are all very close in size & color.


Price: $55.00 





Suede Stitched Gourd With Feather Drop


Love the flow in this gourd & the colors all look great together. Leather dyed gourd...tan suede stitching all the way around & saddle tan leather drops with gold beads & pheasant feathers. It is about 8" wide & 5 1/4" tall.


Price: $89.00













"Herd of Ponies" Gourd


This Gourd starts with the natural color of the gourd (background). The horses are a rich blend of leather dyes, starting with black and fades out with browns. Outlines of the horses are wood burned in. The bottom of the gourd that portrays the ground also fades from black to different shades of brown.The top rim is adorned with real black horse stitched with black sinew. It measures about 7 1/2" tall & 8 1/2" wide.


Price: $99.00 Sold





Deer Antler Lid Gourd


This is a great gourd made with four gourds. The top is part of two gourds, then the main center and last a piece fitted in the bottom. The design is wood burned in and then done with leather dyes. The feathers and glass beads only show when lid is taken off. It measures

8 1/2 tall and 6 1/2 wide. Very cool with it's real antler handle.


Price: $110.00 Sold



Large Wall Hanging Kachina Gourd


This is a very special piece. It has a bear in the top left, a sun face to the right. A large badger claw bottom left and a four corners or medicine wheel on the bottom right, all wood burned in and with leather dyes for color. The center is a real 40 X 30 black onyx cabochon with saddle braiding and small peacock feathers around it. The outer left edge is done with peacock swords and tail feathers. In between them are African porcupine quills set in with tin cones. The outer right edge is done with tin cones and black horse hair. Towards the bottom are four strands of the saddle tan buckskin adorned with dark turquoise, deep red, black and silver beads. There is a jingle cone on the end of each strand of beads. It measures 45" long and 21" wide.


Price: $255.00 Sold

Bear Gourd With African

Porkcupine Quills

And Antler


I had to take two shots of this gourd so you could see the whole bear & the side cut that I have added braided buckskin around it. The bear is cut in with a dremal tool & leather dyes to color it in. The top has a real african porkcupine as decoration along with an antler rosette with a few stones & pheasant feathers to dress it up.

Measures 8 1/2" tall and about 6 1/2 wide.


Price: $75.00Sold

Three Lizard Gourd


This gourds front is of mom & two baby lizards. A design goes all around as you can see most of in the lower pictures. The design is wood burned in. Leather & gourd dyes are used & the top is topped off with a black sinew. The bottom has a black buckskin covered ring to sit gourd in as bottom is a bit round. It also adds to the look. It measures 8 1/4" tall & about 8 1/2" wide.


Price: $86.00 Sold




Spirit Horse & Hands Bud Vase Gourd


This is a two in one gourd. It can be just a very decorative gourd or you can convert it to a bud vase gourd! You can add a few real flowers, dry flowers or maybe several cool feathers would look nice...It's up to the owner! The gourd is decorated with two spirit horses & four spirit hands. The top is done in golden buckskin with a double braided top (one you see here & there is one on the top rim). It is trimmed out with pheasant feathers & brass beads in between both sets of hands. Leather dyes were used & polished up with neutral shoe polish. it measures 7 1/2" tall & 7 1/2 to 8" wide. With the bud vase it is 9 1/2" tall. Very different piece!


Price: $105.00






Spirit Kachina Gourd Rattle


Small, real nice sounding rattle. Wood burned designs that are then painted in with gourd dyes. The stick runs through the gourd & is wrapped with a medium buckskin & toped with brass tack. It measures about 3 1/2" round & it is 8 1/2" long with handle.


Price: $36.00



Pine Needle Top Feather & Four Corner Design Gourd


This is a real thick heavy gourd that I have done with a pine needle top attached with black sinew. The design is wood burned in & represents feathers & the four corners (center of round feather wheel). I have used leather dye & my new gourd paint for the darker brown & green designs. There are three round feather designs & three long feather designs going around the whole gourd. Sorry, I could not get rid of the glare! It measures 8 1/2" high & 8 1/2" wide.


Price: $92.00 Sold



Monkey Pod Carved Eagle Gourd


This is a super thick shelled gourd I have carved an eagle design into. I left it natural (with only a clear spray over it to preserve it) so not to take away from the oak wood & monkey pod carved eagle lid. I have added glass eyes so they stand out more along with a few strands of leather that have brass & bone beads that have a pheasant feather on the end of each. It is about 11" tall and 8" wide. Very sharp! Sorry about the glare in the shots!


Price: $125.00 Sold Working on a new one!


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Peacock Feathered Gourd


What do you see when you look at this gourd? Not a peacock but an owl...not in color though of course! The feathers do have beautiful colors. I did not plan it that way but it does have that appearance don't you think? There are 2 peacock swords going around the sort of oval shaped rim that drops down some in the front. Two peacock eyes off to the sides & the others are body feathers. It has a real 16x12mm oval malichite stone up at the top. The gourd is done in leather dye. It is 7" tall & 8" wide. Very, Very Cool if I do say so myself!


Price: $88.00 Sold


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"Calling The Goat Herder"


This new little gourd turned out real nice...I think anyway! In the background the goat herders wife is calling him in for a much needed supper. The gourd is done in leather dyes & wood burned. The interior is painted black. The sticks he carries are held with several small green malichite stones. The gourd is about 8"x 6".


Price: $68.00 Sold





Wild Painted Ponies


Just finished this one about a week ago (March 25 2011). I was real happy with the results. Hope someone out there feels the same! The horses are wood burned in then acrylic painted. The turquoise splatter is also acrylic. The rest is done in leather dyes. The top has a black buckskin braid running around it. The leather drops have black glass & brass beads with small lady amherst pheasant feathers. There is also an off white strand of real horse hair. It measures about 8 1/2" tall & 10" wide.

 Price: $125.00Sold