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 The Legend of the Dream Catcher

The Native Americans of the great plains believe that the air is filled with both good and bad dreams.
Historically, the dream catchers were hung in the tipi or lodge, and also on a baby's cradle board.
Legend has it that the good dreams pass through the center hole to the sleeping person. The bad dreams are trapped in the web, where they perish in the light of dawn.


Antler Dream Catcher
This is a unique one!
Holes are drilled through the antler to be able to make the web, along with a steel rod. This one is done in golden deer hide with white duck, molted blue parrot & golden hackles feathers.  The beads are lite blue glass & silver antiqued. 
Measures 29" not including the hanging strap. It is about 6" wide. Not your everyday dream catcher! 
Price: $58.00 Sold

           Wonderful Antler Set Made Into A Dream Catcher With Pewter Buffalo
This is a smaller version of some very large antler sets I have made into a dream catchers. I think it really turned out sweet. The antler circle is about 7 1/2" to 8". The total length with the hang strap is 29". The beads are antiqued silver, brown glass & tea dyed bone. The buffalo is a diamond cut pewter that is 1" x 1 1/4". I have used a light buckskin that goes nice with the light colored antler. The feathers are brown duck & pheasant. Neat!
                                                                           Price: $110.00 Sold 

One Of A Kind Horse Saddle Stirrup Dream Catcher
I found this old rawhide saddle stirrup & thought I could come up with something to make with it. After it sitting around for awhile I finally figured it up! There is a 6" dream catcher behind the stirrup. I had a molded horse head so painted it into a palamino...added saddle tan buckskin straps to which I attached golden rusty colored pheasant feathers ( very pretty colors). The beads are brown & tan glass along with metal brass beads. It measures 7" wide & is about a very long 45". With the strap that is ajustable it is about 52". The lower center has some horse tail hair attached to it. This is a very unusual & I think cool looking piece for a dream catcher lover & as I said...One of a kind!
Price: $135.00

Antler Dream Catcher
I love the way this one turned out I think I am partial to the fact that it is made out of real antler & the colors. Rich golden, brown & cream colors with a silver & gold star concho along with silver, brass & tea dyed bone beads. The antlers itself are about 8 x 9" length without the hang strap about 30". The feathers are pheasant and hackels.
Price: $115.00 Sold

Copper Harley Davidson Pin on Dream Catcher
I have had great success with all the Harley Davidson dream catchers I have made in the past & I am always trying to come up with different ones. Here is a very cool one done with a real Harley Davidson removable pin made out of copper! I have never before now, knew they even made them in is sharp. Measures 1 5/8 x 1 3/8. The dream catcher itself is on a 6" ring & is 27 1/2" long not including the hang strap. Feathers are black duck & the small ones pheasant. Beads are black crow beads along with copper & antiqued copper beads. Nice show piece for the Harley lover out there.
Price: $53.00Sold

                                              Dream Catcher With Skull Center
I like to come up with items that are a little more than say just a dream catcher. In the center of the 10" dream catcher ring is a 7" ring that I have added a buckskin covered board with a painted plaster steer skull that is about 5"x5" and an antiqued brass arrow with a black onyx stone on it. The beautiful 16 feathers are from two different kinds of pheasant. The beads are black & tan glass along with some fancy two tone tan & rust beads. The length of this without the hang strap is about 35".
Price: $86.00

                                           Dream Catcher With Skull Center
I went ahead & made up two of these since I liked how the one above turned out. It measures much the same as the above but a tad shorter... 32" without the hang strap. The feathers are really beautiful pheasant. There are 16 of them. The beads are antiqued silver, black glass & tea dyed bone. The chonco above his head is an antiqued silver. Both of these are great looking pieces.
Price: $86.00 Sold

This One is For All You
Harley Lovers!
All black 5" ring Dream Catcher with an Official Harley pewter logo removable pin added that says Harley Davidson Motor Cycles. The feathers are duck and the beads are black glass along with silver antiqued beads. The total length with ring and feathers would be 25 1/2"" not including the beaded hanging strap.
Price: $46.00 Sold

Peacock and Duck

Dream Catcher
Very pretty colors here!
The small bluish/turquoise and brown Peacock feathers really show pretty on the larger white duck feathers. The beads are a glass turquoise color along with some antiqued gold and some brass beads. This is loaded with beads and feathers.
This one has a 5" ring and hangs 23" without the beaded hang strap.
Price: $36.00 Sold







Dream Catcher


The color in the picture is a little more blue than it actually is. It has glass light blue beads & copper beads. The feather on the leather is a fabric one with fringe & all...real nice. The real feathers are duck & pheasant.

The ring is 5" & the length is 20" not including the beaded hanging strap.


Price: $32.00 Sold 





Dream Catcher

With Real Antler Rosette Center


There is a deer sheild in the center of this dream catcher in the center of the antler rosette (the base of the deers antler). The leather is a saddle deerskin. It is 5" wide by 21" long (not including the hang strap) with white duck & pheasant feathers. There are white bone beads, amber glass & brass beads on it. Real Pretty & great for a deer lover.


Price: $48.00 




Another Dream Catcher With An Antler Rosette


This is much like the above only a different center & brown duck instead of the white duck feathers. The center of the rosette are two wild horses. It is on a 5" ring & 19" long. The beads are brass, bone & brown glass. Sure to please a wild horse lover!


Price: $48.00




        Budget Harley Dream Catcher


Above I have an official Harley emblem...this is not. It is a knock off & says Motor Cycles...Live & Ride. It is pewter as the above just not as nice of detail & does not say Harley. It is all black leather with black duck feathers. antiqued silver beads along with black glass beads. It is a 5" ring & the ring with feathers not including the beaded hang strap is 25 1/2".


Price: $39.00 Sold... I have one or two more of the eagles to make another one if you like! 




         Harley Dream Catcher


This is also like above a budget item...well sorta. It is done with a non official emblem but nice looking. It is smaller than above. It is on a 4" ring. Has the black buckskin & black duck feather along with some peacock to add the greenish turquoise color. The beads are silver along with black & greenish turquoise glass. It measures 16 1/2" long not including the hang strap.


Price: $36.00 Sold




Turtle Lover Dream Catcher


If the turtle is your totem then this might be for you. It has a antiqued turtle on a 4" saddle tan buckskin ring. The glass beads are green & caramel along with silver beads. The feathers are duck & pheasant. The length is 18 1/2" not including the hang strap. Real nice...earthy.


Price: $29.00 Sold... Think I have another turtle if you like it!



  Dream Catcher With Pewter Wolf


This deam catcher is done in a nice deep saddle buckskin. It is done on a 5" ring & is 22" long not including the hang strap. The wolf is diamond cut which gives some sparkle to it. Not cheapie looking at all. They are rather expensive pieces but look so good on the dream catcher that I bought several different ones to make up. The beads are black & caramel glass along with antiqued silver beads. The feathers are grouse.


Price: $38.00 Sold





Beautiful Lady Amherst Wing Feather Dream Catcher W/Brass Lizard


The feathers on this one are very beautiful. The picture does not show them as well as I would like. This is done in black buckskin, tan glass beads & antiqued brass beads. The lizard is also antiqued brass. It is on a 5" ring & is 22" long not including the hang strap.


Price: $42.00   






Antiqued Silver Cow Skull

Dream Catcher


I love this combination of the black & saddle buckskin. I have made two more of these to repace the sold ones. This has a cow skull shield with loose feathers hanging off of it in a silver antique tone. The real feathers are black duck & pheasant the beads are black & amber glass along with antiqued silver beads. It is done on a 5" ring & The more orangie colored one on the bottom is 29" long & the top more brown is 25" long not including the hang strap. Both Nice!


Price: $38.00 each Sold...I am pretty sure I have one or two of the center pieces to make another.





               End Of The Trail

                Dream Catcher


Real nice dream catcher. It is done in a light color buckskin. The End Of The Trail is antiqued silver. The feathers are natural duck & beads are translucent blue & tea dyed bone. the ring is 5" & the length without the hang strap is 20".


Price: $36.00Sold



              Dream Catcher


This is a nice little dream catcher. It is saddle buckskin on a 3 1/4" ring. The feathers are duck & pheasant, The beads are black & amber glass. The total length without the hang strap is 13".


Price: $19.00 Sold... Can make another



Buckskin Dream Catcher


Another great little dream catcher on a 3 1/4" ring. Has nice antiqued gold beads along with some matte yellow glass beads. the feathers are duck & pheasant. the total length without the hang strap is 15 1/2".


Price: $18.00 Sold...can make another one!






Molted Parrot & Duck Feather

Dream Catcher


This is a light buckskin leather on a 3 1/2" ring. It is done up with white duck & molted (naturally dropped) parrot feathers. It has glass turquoise & gold beads along with antiqued gold beads  The length without the hang strap is 16 1/2".


Price: $21.00 Sold... I have a 4" that is 22" long @ $23




Earthy Colored Dream Catcher


I love the colors in this one...the glass beads olive green & golden yellow.  The feathers are also the same colors. The green are duck & the yellow pheasant. It has brass cones. The leather is the golden buckskin. The ring is 3 1/4" & the length without the hang strap is 17". Great little dream catcher!


Price: $21.00Sold... can make another!





One of a Kind Fallow Deer Antler & Hand Painted Turtle Shell


I am very excited to list this item. This is a two artist creation that I am very happy with the way it turned out. It is for sure a one of a kind item. As I was working on the dream catcher center on this large 16" by 24" fallow deer antler, I am thinking to myself it needs a stunning center piece. It hit me then what that would be. I had purchased a wonderful piece by artist Veronica Regan...painter of wonderful wildlife on feathers & more at:  This turtle shell has eight animals painted on it. Buffalo, bear, several deer & goats. Sorry there is a bit of a glare but you can see well enough what nice work she does. The shell measures 4" by 5". It really did the trick I think. The total length of this creation is 41" without the hang strap. Unfortunately I am not sure what feathers these are. I believe they are peacock wing feathers. What I do know is they are beautiful. I have been holding them out for a special item & it is their turn to shine in this wonderful piece. The beads are tea dyed bone & brass.


Price: $225.00 \wec









 Official Harley Davidson Pin

On Dream Catcher


I have been making this type of dream catcher for many years because they sell! The pin on this is removable for personal wear & then just store it on this nice display piece. It is black buckskin & black duck feathers. The beads are an antiqued silver & black glass. The ring is 5" round & the total length not including the hand strap is 19". The pin is 1 1/2" Tall & 1" wide.


Price: $48.00








Halloween Harley Dream Catcher!


Well it is the colors of Halloween! This is true Harley! It is a real Harley removable pin in orange black & silver. It measures 1 1/2'x 1". The ring is 5" & it measures 25" long not including the hanging strap. Feathers are black duck along with some small pheasant. Beads are orange glass along with silver & silver antiqued.


Price: $49.00Sold







Black & Silver Harley Dream Catcher


Because of the popularity I am trying to stock up so finished several to add here. This one is a 5" ring & is 24" long not including the hanging strap. The feathers are black duck. The pin is antiqued pewter & is removable for wear if you wish. It is 1 1/4" tall & 1" wide. Beads are silver & antiqued silver along with black glass. 


Price: $48.00








Dream Catcher Gourd


This gourd is part of a canteen gourd. Instead of a wood ring or a leather covered metal ring, it is a gourd ring! I have done the leather, feather & bead drops like all my dream catchers but this one I was able to add a special touch of different Native American symbols. We have a bear, medicine wheel, rain, lightning, sun, fleu de les, crossed arrows, badger & deer. They are carved in. The feathers are white duck & pheasant & the beads are brass & mustard glass matte beads. It is 29" long without hang strap & 8 1/2" wide.


Price: $75.00 Sold







                Bone Turtle Dream Catcher


Hot off the press!! Boy I just keep punk'en them out! This is yet another great little creation of mine. Has a 5" ring wrapped in saddle buckskin. the beads are silver & tea dyed bone beads. The turtle is bone. The feathers are cream duck & hackles in cream & brown shades. The length is about 20" without hanging strap. Very pretty piece!


Price: $39.00Sold Can make another one on request!  








Copper & Bone Beaded Dream Catcher


Small but long sweet dream catcher. This is done in a darker saddle buckskin. It is on a 3 1/4" ring. The total length is 22"! Beads are copper metal & white bone. The cones are also copper metal. The feathers are pheasant & white rooster tail.


Price: $22.00 Sold... can make another















Blue Dream Catcher


Great looking little dream catcher. It is a saddle tan buckskin on a 3 1/4" ring The total length is 14" without the hang strap. It has the medium blue duck feathers & pheasant. The beads are glass blue & light amber.


Price: $18.00 Sold but can make up another one!





Green Dream Catcher


Nice little dream catcher like the above. It is the same saddle buckskin on the 3 1/4" ring & is 14" long not including the hang strap. It has green duck & pheasant feathers. The beads are a little more fancy...copper & a green & copper.


Price: $19.00 Sold... Can make another!






Turquoise/Blue Colored Dream Catcher With Fluffy Duck Feathers


This is done on a 4" ring with a very bright turquoise/blue colored deerskin that looks good with the duck feathers. It is 22" long. It is accented with small light blue feathers, white & turquoise/blue glass beads.


Price: $23.00 Sold... Can make another!






Kokopelli Dream Catcher


This is a fun whimsical dream catcher in the shape of a partial moon. The kokopelli is a multi color guy that I think was an iron on patch. I like him where he's at. The 1/2 ring is 5" x 3 1/2". The total length is 18". The glass beads & leather strips are done in the colors in the kokopelli. The feathers are real nice molted feathers that average 4".


Price: $29.00 Sold








Feather Wreath Dream Catcher


If you like alot of feathers this might be for you...Lot's & lot's around the 3 1/2"" ring. With the feathers it measures about 7" around. These are pheasant feathers. The length without the long hang strap is about 20" for the first darker one & 17" for the lighter colored one. The beads are brass & slightly reddish brown glass for the first one & brass & cream glass for the second one. The leather is a saddle color... first one & tan or beige for second one. Great looking & different than the norm.


Price: $29.00 each Sold 






Pewter Indian Chief

Dream Catcher


This is done up in black buckskin. The feathers are wild turkey & pheasant that are black, brown & tan in color. The Indian Chief is an antiqued pewter. It is a pin so it can be removed & worn. The beads are matte glass, antiqued silver & tea dyed bone. The ring is 6" & length not including the hang strap is 29". Lots of real nice feathers.


Price: $49.00 Sold





Bone Dragon Center In

Dream Catcher


This is a nice smaller size dream catcher with a real carved bone dragon that has been torched to show detail. It is 4" by 16". The beads are torched bone, Amber glass & brass 3/4" cones. The feathers are short tan duck & pheasant.


Price: $32.00Sold





Dream Catcher Mirror


I aways try to have a wall mirror made up so customers can see a piece of jewelry on them. Soooo here is a new one. The 5" mirror is set in a 9" dream catcher. The length is 30" not including the hang strap. It is done in a light buckskin & has antiqued silver beads along with tea dyed bone beads. The feathers are pheasant wing feathers.


Price: $ 73.00 Sold A new one is listed on the Miscellaneous page







Rustic Star With

Dream Catcher


I found a few of these rustic stars, tore off the fake leather lacing... added a 2 1/2" dream catcher center & some beaded hanging strips & wala! The beads are glass turquoise & brass. The length is 17" & 8" wide. This ones up for sale...I kept the other one (-:  !!


Price: $32.00 Sold




Southwest Style

Harley Davidson Pin On Dream Catcher


This pin is removable for wear. It is on a 5" by 21" dream catcher done in colors to blend with the greenish turquoise in the pin. The feathers are dyed duck. Since it matches my decor I am having a hard time giving it up...but can't keep everything!


Price: $43.00








             Fluffy Feather Dream Catchers


I have made several of these & the turquoise below. The leather wrapped ring I have also added fluffy feathers around the ring in colrs of brown, rust & cream. The hanging feathers are duck & hackles. They measure around 16-17" x 7". Beads are brown & tan glass.


Price: $32.00









             Fluffy Feather Dream Catchers


Turquoise, brown & cream fluffy feathers around a 5" ring. The hanging feathers are dyed duck & natural pheasant. These measure about 16-17" x 7" without the hang strap. The beads are brown & a turquoise & cream mix glass.


Price: $32.00






Painted Bobcat Skull Shield/Dream Catcher


I was on a roll here with making up items with wildlife artist Veronica Regans work. She has taken a bobcat skull & painted a beautiful bobcat on it. I have placed it on a shield surrounded with a dream catcher. Another one of a kind like next doors painted turtle shell. The skull measures 4" by 5 1/2". The center ring is 9" & outer ring 12". The total length without the hang strap is 34". The painting is done in white, gray & black so I have accented it with black & gray glass beads along with silver metal beads & cones. The feathers are large black duck & barred chinchilla wing.


Price: $179.00