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Inlaid Turtle Earrings

These are a mix of onyx, turquoise, malachite, sugilite, red coral. They are sterling silver
& Very Sweet little guys! Measure 1 3/4"
long with fish hook. Turtle is 1/2" long.
Price: $24.00



Sterling Feather & Turquoise Earrings
Turquoise tube bead with ornate feathers hanging on the end of each. The feather is about 1" & total length with fish hook is
2 3/4"
Price: $29.00



Black Onyx & Sterling Earrings
These have an old style look to them.
Onyx cab set in sterling. Total length
with fish hook is 2 1/4".
Price: $26.00

Sterling Silver & Gold Fill
Humming Bird Earrings
Great little earrings I have done up with several different stones. They are done with Tiger Eye, Red Jasper, onyx, Malichite & Aventurine. They are 4mm stone beads except for the Aventurine...they are 6mm. The fishhooks & beads are gold fill or sterling silver. The birds are brass & silver overlay. They measure 1 1/2" long with fishhook.
Price: $23.00 Gold Fill
Price: $21.00 Sterling Silver








Gold Fill & Malachite

Frog Earrings
These are way toooo cute gold frogs with a  Malachite 5mm round bead along with some gold fill beads. The frog is brass. Total length with fish hooks would be 1 1/4". I have the same frogs done with Sterling Silver findings also.
Price: $23.00 Gold Fill
Price $21.00 Sterling Silver




 Brass & Red Amber

Bumble Bee Earrings
These are too cute like above only the bee instead. I have also done them in antique gold plate & brass to cut cost. The stone is called amber red??? More yellow than red but that's what it is called. They are about 1 3/4" in length.
Price: $18.00



Turquoise & Sterling Post Earrings


These are really nice ornate sterling silver earrings with turquoise. They are 1 1/4" long & 3/4" wide. The turquoise cab is about 18x13. Signed RB.


Price: $58.00



Royston Turquoise Earrings


Very pretty turquoise. Very saught after these days. They are signed  PTG & Sterling. They are 1 1/8"" long & 13/16"" wide not including the french ear wires. They have a bit of weight to them. Both weigh 17.6 grams. Heavy but not overy.


Price: $92.00




Turquoise & Sterling Earrings


Very pretty turquoise. Not much matrix in them. Pretty solid in color. They are 1 3/8" long not including the french wire or fishhook.  They are 11/16" wide. They are signed RB & 925 for sterling. Nice...


Price: $56.00




Lapis Fleur-De-Lis

Drop Earrings


The stone beads are real lapis. Two rondells & two 4mm rounds The metals are silver overlay & the fishhooks are surgical steel. They are 2 4/8" long.


Price: $19.00



Multi Stone Inlay

Arrow Earrings


We have turquoise, red coral, sugilite, malichite, onyx, pink & yellow shell making up these arrow head earrings. They have some silver bands running through. Above the arrows are 3mm round stones. These are done with sterling silver. They are 2 1/8" long with fishhook & 1/2" wide.


Price: $23.00



Multi Stone Inlay

Heart Earrings


These earrings are inlaid with turquoise, Red coral, sugilite, malichite, onyx, pink & yellow shell. Turquoise 3mm round stone above them along with sterling silver. they are 1 7/8" long with fishhook & 1/2" wide.


Price: $21.00




        Sterling Squash Blossom & Hogan Beaded Turquoise Earrings


I have made several pair of these due to popularity. The fishhook & round concho at top are all one piece. They measure 2 3/4" from very top of fishhook to bottom of squash blossom bead.


Price: $52.00



Sterling & Onyx Lizard Earrings


Round 3/4" sterling silver disk with a lizard engraved into it. Each have 4 sterling paddles & two onyx 3mm beads &  one Bali bead on the strip with an arrow drop. Something a bit different. They measure 1 6/8" long.


Price: $39.00




Sterling & Malichite Lizard Earrings


Same lizard disk as above only done with five sterling paddles with green malichite heashi beads & sterling silver 2mm round beads. They are 2" long & 3/4" wide. The disk is 3/4" around.


Price: $38.00 Sold





Harley Davidson Guitar Pick Earrings


These are made out of real guiter picks! I have added the feather dangles that also have different round stones added. Mother of pearl, black onyx, red jasper & hemitte. The metals are antiqued silver, gold or copper. Please specify which you are interested in & I will see if I have any left. If not I may be able to make some up.


Price: $22.00 each pair



Long Sterling Silver Drop

Earrings With

Red Coral


Unfortunately these great looking earrings were not hallmarked so can't give a pat on the back! The red coral pieces are about 6 mm & the total length of them are 2 1/2" & a little over 1/2" wide. They look to me like they were sand cast but not 100% sure. Very nice!
Price: $58.00

Sterling Silver Cowboy Boot Earrings
These earrings are all sterling silver top to bottom. I added a little between the fish hooks & the boots giving it a little more length. They are 2" long. The detail on the boots are real nice & on both sides.
Price: $36.00






Sterling With Onyx

Beads & Bears Earrings


Sweet little onyx bears about 11X9 mm along with onyx & sterling Bali beads. The length with the fishhooks are 2 1/8".


Price: $29.00




Malichite & Sterling Bali

Bead Earrings


  These are quite pretty if I do say so for myself! The Malichite bottom bead is about 10mm the total length with the fishhook is 2 1/8". The other malichite beads are 2.75mm & 4mm.


Price: $32.00




    Turquoise & Onyx Heshi

      With Sterling Kachina

         & Three Feathers         



Three very neat little sterling feathers hang

off these turquoise & onyx heishi earrings.

The strands hang off a kachina face sterling

disk. Total length is 2 3/4".


Price: $36.00




          Nice Picture Jasper

         & Gold Fill Earrings


These are great looking earrings. I picked out special nice pieces that match well also. Not alot of jazz...just nice! They are 1 3/8" long including the fishhooks.


Price: $24.00



       Carnelian & Calcite

     Bali Sterling Earrings


 Nice earthy colors. Great Bali beads make up these carnelian (rust color) & calcite (marbled cream color) earrings. They are 2 1/2" long with fishhook. The stone beads are 7 & 12mm. 


Price: $35.00





Amethyst & Gold Fill Earrings


There are three shades of amethyst here. One should surly match your amethyst jewelry or outfit. The darkest center piece measures 10mm across. The length with the fish hook is 2 1/4".


Price: $35.00





Carnelian & Brass Earrings


I am not one to do much jewelry in anything but the really good stuff like sterling silver & gold fill but now they are comming out with so many nice brass & plated beads & findings that I find it hard not to use them. They are great looking & cut cost say a 50$ pair would be 30$. So with that said this & the followng pair along with the bees to the left are brass or plated.

This pair has real Carnelian stones the larger being a 11X9mm bead with flowery looking bead caps. They measure 3" long with the fishhook. The brass feathers are 1" long. Great looking long pair of earrings.


Price: $24.00


        Real Nice Russian Jade

         Silver Plated Earrings


Go Green! I have a 4mm & 6mm jade beads along with an 8mm russian jade beads that have flowery looking plated bead caps & a plated leaf drop below. Looks good! The fishhooks are surgical steel. They measure 2 1/2" long.


Price: $24.00



Turquoise & Sterling Bear Paw

Earring With Feather Drop


Just about everyone knows the bear paw jewelry. Here ya go. The feathers are 1 1/4" long the post paws are about 3/4"...Total length would be 2 1/8". The feathers look short in the picture because they drape around the antler piece they are placed on.


Price: $33.00Sold


Turquoise & Sterling Feather Earrings


This is a sweet pair of post earrings. Not to big...not to small & the feathers are very cool. The feathers are 1 1/4 " long. The whole earring is 1 3/4". Stamped Sterling but no hallmark.


Price: $35.00


Beautiful Amethyst & Charoite

Stud Earrings


I have never seen earrings like these till now & I know someone out there will love them! They are big. The faceted amethyst stones are 12mm each & the charoite run about 14mm x 29mm. Great silver work done around them. The total length would be 1 7/8" long. They weigh 27.5 grams. There is a slight difference in color of the amethyst stones...not noticable when wearing. Signed IRV


Price: $120.00


White Buffalo Turquoise

& Sterling Earrings


Great pair of earrings! White Buffalo turquoise is ( I am told ) also referred to as Howlite. The white buffalo stone is 14X8mm.The whole earring with the feather filigee design measures 1 2/8" long & 5/8" wide. They are hallmarked H & Sterling.


Price: $48.00


Hematite Post Earrings


Nice solid little earrings. Sorry there is a glare on the stone that gives it the light gray around the bottom but it is not there. These are set in sterling silver & no hallmark. These are about 18 X 15mm or 9/16" X 11/16"


Price: $25.00



Great Sterling silver Scarab Earrings


I have another pair of these on the jewelry set page that has a pendent if you are interested or by themselves here. I like the wings on these. Guess they remind me of feathers! They are 2" long with the fancy fishhook & 1" wide.


Price: $33.00



Real Buffalo Head Nickle Earrings


Great pair of earrings. You get one Indian side & one buffalo side. They are domed & have nice heavy sterling silver 1 3/4" long feathers I have added on. The fishhooks are sterling with a turquoise colored glass bead. They measure 2 3/4" long with fishhook & 7/8" wide. I also have a pair that do not have the sterling feathers on them making them considerably less expensive. They are $22.00.


Price: $48.00 Sold


Navajo Made Sterling Cross Earrings


Crosses, Crosses, Crosses! They are Hot, Hot, Hot!! These are a nice size 1 6/8" long with fishhook & 7/8" wide. They are marked Sterling.


Price: $33.00


  Little Tiny Sterling Sun  



Fun little sun earrings in sterling silver & yellow stone. They are 1 6/8" long & the little suns are 8mm.


Price: $18.00


   Malichite & Sterling Inlay

        & Heshi Earrings


I have a number of these made up with different stones. This pair is malichite. They have sterling strips dividing the inlay stones The top oval is 1" long & 7/8" wide. The malichite stone is 14X10mm. The total length is 2 5/8".


Price: $48.00


Turquoise Heshi & Sterling Earrings


Oval sterling on these are 1" long & 7/8" wide. The cabachon is 14X10mm. These are a bit shorter than the above, 2 3/8" long. The inlay turquoise has the sterling silver strip separating the stones.All three pair are nice!


Price: $48.00






Gold Fill Earrings


Little women hanging off these gold

fill earrings. Woman is about 1/2" &

total length is almost 2 1/4" with fish



Price: $27.00




Gold Fill & Picture Jasper Earrings


Little picture jasper bears on the end of

these gold fill earrings. Bears are a little

over 1/4". Total length with fish hooks

would be 1 3/4".


Price: $30.00 




 Red Jasper Bear Earrings


Sterling silver & red jasper make up these small earrings. They are 1 3/8" long with fishhook. Bears are about 11X9mm. Sweet!


Price: $23.00




Snowflake Obsidian Hearts

& Sterling Silver Earrings


Snowflake Obsidian is a natural black stone with a gray matrix in it. These would look great with a black or gray outfit/suit. They are 1 3/8" long...small! The stones are about 6mm. There are also sterling Bali beads in them.


Price: $22.00




              Picture Jasper Star

             Sterling Earrings


Select pieces of picture jasper make up these wonderful small earrings. The beads & stars are about 6mm. They measure 1 3/8" long including the fishhook. I have a pair done in onyx also...same price.


Price: $22.00 





Sterling Cowboy Hats

& Picture Jasper Star


These are much like above only a bit more fancy. They have a picture jasper Texas Star Along with corrigated silver beads. Very much a cowgirl earring. Measure 2 3/8" long with fishhooks. Cowboy hat is 3/4" long.


Price $36.00




Copper, Sterling Silver &

Turquoise Earrings


Great feather earrings! The feather is all copper. Fishooks & besels that hold the turquoise stones are sterling silver. They measure 1 1/4" long not including the fishook.They are 9/16" wide at the widest spot. Signed RB.


Price: $32.00




Multi Stone

& Sterling Bear Earrings


Super little pair of bear earrings! They have turquoise, coral, onyx, sugilite, malichite & spiny oyster & a couple Bali beads on each one. They are 1 3/8" long with fishhook. Bear is 1/2" wide.


Price: $20.00 




Sterling Turtles &

Green Turquoise Earrings


Done up with some green oval turquoise beads & sterling silver Bali beads & fishhooks. They are 2 1/2" long with fishhooks. the sterling turtles are 3/4" long & 9/16" wide.


Price: $29.00




   Turquoise, Sterling Silver

       & Gold Fill Earrings      


These are great looking earrings. Native American made about 1 1/2" long & 1" wide at widest point. They are signed L & R S & sterling. The gold fill part is the center vein that runs down each.


Price: $55.00




Turquoise Stone Feather Earrings


These are real nice looking Navajo made earrings. The feathers are really nice! The turquoise cabs are 9x7 & the length including the fish hook is 2".


Price: $32.00





       Multi Stone Turtle

          Drop Earrings


Sweet little turtle of onyx, malachite, red coral turquoise, sugilite & yellow shell. They are about 14x12mm. The metal is sterling silver with a small 3mm onyx bead. They are 2 1/4" long with the fish hook.


Price: $26.00




Spiny Oyster, Onyx, Lab Opal

Sterling Silver Earrings


These are very different & nice looking inlayed earrings. They have Kachina type designs in them. Really nicely done. They are 1 1/4" long & 1/2" wide. They are signed with a fancy A on the back.


Price: $99.00 Sold




All Sterling Silver

Squash Blossom Earrings


I have been asked if I had any squash blossom earrings in the past & did not so I was on a mission to get some made up. This is what I came up with...I really like this pair! There are some corrugated 4mm beads & a Bali bead between the Native diamond design disk fishhook & the bottom squash blossom bead. They are 2" long top to bottom.


Price: $46.00






      Turquoise & Sterling

   Squash Blossom Earrings


Here is another pair of squash blossom earrings I have made up with a turquoise nugget & corrugated beads above it. They measure 2 1/4" long.


Price: $33.00





Turtles & Turquoise Earrings


These are turquoise nuggets with corrugated sterling beads & fishhooks. The turtle is a silver overlay. They are two sided as you can see in picture. Measures 1 7/8" long with fishhook & 3/8" wide.


Price: $20.00





                 Sterling Bears

With Aqua Glass Beads


Teriffic pair of sterling bear earrings that have and 6mm aqua aura (aqua & purple shades) bead attached to them. The bead above is a glass bead with the same aqua color. Fancy round disk fishhook really add to these pretty earrings. You can see the glow off the bottom beads. They are 2" long 4/8" wide...the bear.


Price: $36.00

    Turquoise & Sterling Silver

Kokopelli & Feather



Ok all you Kokopelli lovers here's one for you! The Kokopelli is cut out of a sterling silver 1" domed & stamped edge disk. The turquoise pieces are 4 mm & a little lighter turquoise color on my computer. The overall length not including the fish hooks are 2 1/8". They are hallmarked CY sterling. Nice looking!


Price: $59.00





Ray Jack Stamped Sterling   & GreenTurquoise Earrings


Great looking earrings in the very popular stamped cross design with a small 5 mm blue green turquoise stone in each. they measure 2" x 1 5/8" & weigh 5 grams.


Price: $79.00Sold