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This is more Piqua, Ohio pictures of our Trader set-up, both above & below...
One of my best of best girlfriends.
She came one year to check out
what it's all about. 
Best of girlfriends again, Pati & one of my younger sisters, Wendy who also came to see what it was all about. She laughed hard so I had to ask why...she said I can't remember seeing you in a dress before!
 In Memory of
Wendy K. Latsha
Loving you & having you for a sister was easy...
Losing you is very, very hard.
 The Dress!!!!

Tommy & Shirt Lady
...Soul Mates *+^%#* says Shirt!!
The Bride & Groom, Nancy & Robert...
Remarried at Piqua.
This would be the two that helped us get started,
Bob & Deb. Turns out to also be best of friends!!
Piqua again!
This guy was all dressed up and just too handsome. I had to take his picture. He was OK with it. We all get used to it at camp. It's pretty much a normal thing!
Trying to beat the heat at Mt. Days Dayton, Ohio! This is part of our camp. Under this big fly we can entertain many, many friends & visitors, and we do. One year we had the Mayor of Dayton stop & sit for a spell.
A little afternoon strumming going on at our lodge.
More Strumming from one of the masters!

Ahh... We have the new Old West festival! New in town & sure to be a hit with all ages. I was set up right across from the Long Branch Saloon & Comique Theater so we got to see all the great street shoot outs. Make sure you put it on your entertainment list for next year. I will post dates on my show schedule page.
Old West Festival 2008
Old West
 Festival 2009
We bought a new tent this year. Looks pretty good if I do say so myself! The main tent is 18x18. We then have a fly off the side as our kitchen area. Sometimes we are lucky enough to have music & company...What could be better than that?
This is the kitchen... sitting area off to the side of the main tent.
Old West Featival 2010
                         Our set up 2010
These girls were doing a riding show across from our set up
    The Medicine Show was across from us also
       Campers sitting around in conversation

 Hey!! How did that puddy cat get in there?? Oh well, too cute to take out. This is Cosmo and you think he's cute as a kitten...?  Check out the next shot grown up!  


    What did I tell ya?? Cute ey!!




Beautiful Sedona!! My husband Dan & I finally had our first short but sweet trip out west...We WILL return!












Grassy Run














Oak Ridge Festival Atica, OH

Husband Danny and Good Friend Sam








Our Beautiful daughter,


She graduated last year & is now going to college for Vet. Tech.


Update: She is a Vet. Tech. now! Congrats dear!!

Very Proud!!









Now here is a Beautiful sight to wake up to!! Unfortunatly I was not there to see this. Kathi Grove Frantz was nice enough to share this taken at the Eastern. Makes you wanna go camp huh! Thanks Kathi!





Another great thing about camp shows would be the wonderful and many talented musicians that play for the public & also on there own when they choose. You can always find music!




The Taylor's grandkids getting in on things!

Brandon & Brook at Grassy Run.





No, it's not a tepee on fire, it's a bonfire on fire!!


It was huge & very pretty.











Reverend Francine Haydon (right) husband Steve (left) 

with the wedding party at Robert & Nancy's wedding

at Piqua.




A little night entertainment going on at our lodge.






Smile, your on camera!! Believe it or not under all that

hair Tommy was smiling or was it sleeping??




One of the flatlanders at Piqua dressed there puppy dog up period correct for the show!!! I had to share it!!! Toooo cute!




This would be Wild Man Tony Richie or Rummalade Man!?!? Here he is with the guitar Robert gave him when Robert got a new one. When Tony got Roberts older one, Tony then turned around and gave me his which I am using here. This is the kind of great people you will meet when you visit us at camp!! Unfortunatly we lost Tony not long ago.


In Memory of

Tony Richy


09/26 /1948----09/19/2005

So Many, Many of us miss you!





Some pictures of my long awaited room & larger kitchen addition!

I love It! If I'm not in my workshop I am in the kitchen/family room!!











A happy customer! Thanks for sharing! Love it! Great Picture.