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Antler Handle Feather Knife

This is a great knife especially for you knife collectors out there. The beautifully carved feather was done by a very well known artist Jack Brown of "Stones & Bones". I bought this from him with intension's of using it as a cane handle but when I put this hand made blade up to it, that's all it took. It turned out great, don't ya think?? The rosette makes for a nice guard. The stand is a piece of moose antler. I have burned both the handle and the stand to give a bit of color & definition. It has been buffed out for a very nice shine. I can't imagine anyone being unhappy with this beauty!!
The handle measures 6" by 1 1/2 at the feathers widest point. The blade is 4" by 1". Base about 1 1/2.
Price: $105.00 Sold
               Wart Hog Tusk carved Eagle Knife
I have tried to contact the artist of this carving of this super nice eagle in wart hog tusk. I only remember him by his first name Gary & don't want to guess his last name. Anyway...I have made this up into a sweeeeeet little knife! The eagle has glass eyes & measures 7" total. The tusk is 3 1/2" including the wood base with a brass strip running through it. The blade is 3 1/2" & has Rockwell Hardness Tested Rc 60 on it. I left it on it but it can be buffed off. It's a nice blade. It's a nice knife!!! Antler slab base goes with it. If you intend to use this knife & wash it do not leave it sitting in water because of the wood. Wash & dry!
Price: $159.00Sold
                                 Huge Damascus, Carved Antler & Golden Horn Knife
This knifes total length is right about 15" long!!! I have used a 7 1/4" long damascus blade that suits the large carved antler handle carved by Jeff II Hawks. He has carved a wolf track & wolf on the end along with a eagle & feathers on the side. I have used golden horn to make a guard. The handle length is 7 1/2". It all looks very sharp together. As you may or may not have noticed this knife stands up on it own very nicely. I have buffed it up some to give it a little shine but left it with a fairly rustic look still.
Price: $225.00 Sold

Antler Handle, Obsidian Knapped Blade Carved Stag Head Knife
Another Great Knife!! This handle has a deer carved into it. It is highlighted with some black stain & torched for a brown edge. The blade is a wonderful hand knapped blade in obsidian. It is 6" long & the antler handle is 7 3/4" long making the total length 13 3/4" long. I have added a brass strip & dark wood to the base of the blade & handle...Real sharp looking. The antler base comes with it. I have groved & rubberized that area of the antler base so not to harm the delicate blade. Knife looks very cool in the base.
Price: $149.00Sold









Carved Antler Eagle Knife


Just finished up several knives to put up...this being one. I bought the carved eagle antler piece & added a nice blade with a brass guard. To the eagle I have added a glass eye & three pieces of amber in the end of the three back feather areas. I have made a small stand for it that also has two pieces of amber embeded in it. The blade length with guard is 6 1/4". The antler handle is 5 1/2" making it a total of 11 3/4". It's a pretty large knife. The design is engraved into the antler then torched to highlight it. The eagle is only on the one side. Great unusual knife for a collector.


Price: $175.00Sold






Knapped Green Obsidian Antler & Mixed Wood Inlay Knife


I bought the blade & the handle. I do not remember the blade maker the handle was made by R2. I have put the two together to make this handsome stone knive. I believe the wood is locust on the sides. The back end is a light colored wood. The top by the blade is antler & all down through the middle is antler. The blade is 4" & handle is 5". Nice!


Price: $105.00 Sold






Damascus Blade, Antler & Horn Bowie Knife
This blade is beautiful! The lower picture shows it best. The handle is carved hard brown antler. The end has a piece of buffalo horn attached with 5 brass pins. The guard is steer horn. The sheath is a heavy cowhide center wrapped with black buckskin & real python snake. The blade is about 4 1/2" & the handle is 4 1/2". The sheath will take up to a 3" wide belt. Very well balanced cool knife! I am very happy with the way it turned out...think you would agree!
Price: $189.00 Sold













                                     Brass Studded Rustic Wood Handle Belt Knife


I can't take credit for making this neat looking knife & I can't give credit either since I have no idea who did make it. It is one I came across & just really like the way they brass tacked a nice design in the wood handle. I don't even want to say what kind of wood it is...not sure. If someone knows please email me...Thanks! This is a large knive. It measures 11 1/2" in the heavy duty thick leather sheath. The hand forged blade is 6 1/2" & handle is 4 1/2". The blade runs through the whole knife & has the two large brass rods running through it also. It does have a stamp on the front of the sheath towards the bottom tip. Looks like a cross.


Price: $165.00 Sold









                                                  Antler Carved Boot Knife


This is another knife I am very proud of the way it turned out. The antler eagle carved handle is 4 1/2" long. The detail in the carving is wonderful! The nice quality blade is 5" long so we have a 9 1/2" (what I would call a boot knife because of the long narrowness of it) knife. The little triangle antler stand goes with it.


Price: $159.00Sold


































                      Intricately Carved Animals Into An Antler Tip Handle Knife


This is a so cool little knife! This was to be an antler carved pendant that I have turned into a knife handle. I was very happy with its turn out. If you will notice I even saved the wolf on the end where the knife blade goes in. (last pic.) there are numerous animals. We have two wolves, two eagles, an owl, buffalo, bear mt. goat, tiger, elk and a coyote all in this 4" tip!!!! It has a 3" thin blade made in Solingen Germany by Herder. The total length is 7". In the first picture I have it on an antler stand that is optional.


Price: $89.00


Stand: $15.00 




Wood Eagle Knife

with Snake Skin Sheath


This is a great neck knife. The knife was made by "Pappy" He is a very experienced older fella at what is does & a nice guy also. The handle is a dark wood & there is a metal feather inlaid on each side.

I made the snake skin sheath to go with it. I bought the skin years ago & do not know what kind of snake it is. Anyone out there, please email me if you should happen to know...Thanks. The neck strap is a darker brown braided sinew.

Measures 6 1/4" long and 1" wide. Strap is 28".


Price: $59.00Sold








       Intricately Carved Antler & Horn

                        Skinner Knife


The carving on this antler piece is ...well WOW!!! It has many figures on it. Two Indians, three eagles, two goats & a bear! I have done up with a skinner blade...I really think it turned out well. It is a heavy 180 grams! Nice heavy handle that I have added golden horn to the two ends. The blade is 4 1/4" & handle 5"...Total 9 1/4". The oak wood & antler stand goes with it! Note: I just noticed it looks like the blade is a little crooked in the second picture but I assure you it is not...just the angle of the picture.


Price: $255.00Sold










      Wart Hog Tusk Carved Eagle Knife


Another new knife I recently finished. I finally got in the knive making mood or should I say found some time to take the time to make some up since I am getting low on stock! I was real happy with the way this one turned out also. The eagle is carved into the end of the wart hog tusk. The eyes are glass. I have added a cinnamon burl wood & brass spacer. The blade made by Brusletto out of Norway is 3 1/2" the handle 3 3/4" so total 7 1/4" long. The stand is very cool also it has an eagle carved on each of the tips of the antler also with glass eyes. The stand is 5x7". Another great collector knife!


Price: $255.00Sold







   Jeff II Hawks Antler Carved Neck Knife


Non typical antler handle knife by Jeff II Hawks. This is a rather odd piece of antler making this up but very attactive. Two feathers are carved into it along with a medicine wheel in the top rosette. The antler is 4 1/2" & blade 3" so all together 7 1/2" long the back side does not have any carvings. It measures about 11" in the sheath not including the hang strap. It is a pretty good sized neck knife.


Price: $110.00 








Another Great Jeff II Hawks Bone Knife


This nice belt knife is made out if a deer shin bone with a black horn guard & a silver tack in the top. The sheath is a heavy natural color leather that has been painted in the burnt in design lines. There is also red trade wool cloth stitched into it along with brass & glass beads. I love the sheathes this guy makes! Knife is 9 1/4", Blade 4 1/2", knife in sheath about 14 1/2"

Blade is guaranteed to rust! Rustic!


Price: $98.00










Carved Antler & Damascus Blade Knife


This is a team effort knife as are many of my knives. A great carver "Bonecarver" did this antler handle with two feathers carved in and a real piece of turquoise inlaid on the end. It measures 6". The damascus blade I can not elaborate on much but it is a real nice handmade 5 3/4" of fine quality for sure! I have made the two up into a 12" knife with a steer horn guard along with a hint of cinnamon burl wood. The small antler stand goes with it. I may make a sheath for it down the road if it is still around.


Price: $185.00 Sold





Carved Antler Belt Knife


Yet another wonderful creation from Jeff II Hawks! As you can probably tell by now I just love his work. This is a pretty large knife the handle with carved feathers & 1/2 of a medicine shield is 4 1/2". It has two black horn spacers along with a brass one. The guard is antler & the top has a hard antler piece added with 4 brass pins. The blade is from a 2 man steel logging saw & is a tad over 5". The sheath is adorned with glass beads & brass cones. The overall length is 13".


Price: $165.00



Carved Eagle Out Of Wart

Hog Tusk Knife


This is a great looking knife! I have not decided on making a sheath or not so will start without one. This was put together by me, Sher & the carving was done by DJW Kelsey-Great Carver! I have walnut wood & a taguanut guard on it. Blade is 4" & handle 3" or about 6" if you measure curve.


Knife: $149.00 Sold


Antler for stand: $12.00



Carved Bear Into Warthog Tusk

Herder Carving Knife


This is another great carving done by DJW Kelsey. She does super nice work. I was going to use as a cane handle but I had two big blade to use & this fit this Herder (made in Germany)7 1/2" blade real well. It looks like cinnamon burl wood that I have knotched out to work as a guard. Great knife to show of at a dinner party when serving up the meat! The handle is about 5" & the total length of the knife is 1 foot. Antler stand not included.


Price: $169.00 Sold




Jeff II Hawks Steer Horn Belt Knife


This is a little different from Jeff's carved antler & bone knives but very likable as are his carved handles. There is pewter on the top & down by the blade. The guard is a piece of antler. The knife is 9 3/4" made from a 2 man steel logging saw. The blade is 5" & the overall length in the sheath is 12". There are coyote claws, glass & brass beads hanging on the sheath. Really, Really nice!


Price: $138.00





Antler & Steer Horn Belt Knife


Jeff II Hawks has done it again! Here is a carved steer horn handle that has antler top & guard piece. There is a single feather on one side & a morning star on the other. The blade is made from an old steel logging saw (very rustic). It is 4". With the handle it is 7 1/2" & the overall length in the rawhide shield is about 11". It has brass cones, glass beads & copper beads. Nice!


Price: $135.00





Jeff II Hawk Carved Knife


Jeff II Hawks carved out this knife handle that I have since made into a great knife. The carvings are of 3 wolfes two on the end & one on the side. There is also a small eagle & 6 feathers carved all in this deer antler piece. This is set with a skinner type 6 1/4" blade with a brass guard. The total length of the knife is 12 1/2". I plan on making a sheath if I don't sell it first without it. Sharp looking knife!


Price: $159.00 Sold 



Jeff II Hawks Carved Antler Belt Knife


This is a very nice belt knife. The 4 1/8" antler handle has a bear, bear paw & 6 feathers carved into it. There are two brass pins in the top. The blade is 3 7/8" long. Total length is 7 7/8". The length with the sheath is 12". Nice job Jeff!!! I'm sure this one won't last long!


Price: $155.00




Jeff II Hawks Carved Antler Belt Knife


Here is another nice Jeff II Hawks knife. This one has a swirl design carved into the antler & around the top (the rosette) are 3 oak leaves carved out. The antler is 4" The blade 3"...Total 7" long. The sheath is 8" & 9 1/2" with the knife in it. It also has the burned in design & then painted.


Price: $89.00



Jeff II Hawks Carved Deer Antler Knife


This is a great neck knife with a cut out Brass Beaver attatched to the front of the two tone leather sheath. It is a neck knife with brass & green glass beads. The knife has two carved feathers & on the top of the rosette a medicine wheel. The antler is 3 1/2" & the blade is a tad over 2 1/2" so overall about 6" long.


Price: $93.00 Sold



Colorful Beaded Knife Sheath

With Primitive Knife


Here are two real nicely beaded knife sheaths. The inside has a strong leather lining while the outside has a nice soft brain tanned leather with some fringe. They measure 9" not including the ajustable neck strap that is about an extra 20". The knife comes with each of these The have a dark wood handle that is pinned with copper 3 times. the wood measures 3 1/4" & the rustic blade is 3 1/2" for a total of 6 3/4". 


Price: $49.00 each







Carved Eagle In Antler Neck Knife


Yet another great creation by artist Jeff II Hawks. This is a small neck knife. Nicely painted & wood burned knife sheath. Has a great looking eagle carved into the antler handle along with several feathers. It is a 5 3/4" long knife. The total length in sheath, not including the hang strap is 11 1/2". Brass beads & cones along with glass beads in yellow, dark blue & turquoise.


Price $95.00Sold





      Jeff II Hawks Feathered Neck Knife


I am such a fan of Jeff's work. I can't get enough of it & have to share some of it with you. This great little knife with sheath is 9" long not including the hang strap. The knife if a sweet little 5". Feather are carved into real antler. Two on each side. There are two brass rods on the top. I think it is just for decoration.


Price: $89.00Sold







    More Jeff II Hawks Antler Neck Knife


Like I say I can't get enough of this great artists work. This is a nice little neck knife with 2 carved feathers & some other designs in it. In the sheath without the strap it is about 10" long. The knife is a tad over 6"...three inch blade & 3" antler carved handle.


Price: $89.00Sold






Antler Carved Jeff II Hawks

Neck Knife


This one is much like the one above only without the fringe. The carving on the knife is very close to the same only 4 feathers instead of two. It is a just shy of 6"...blade 2 5/8" & antler handel 3 2/8". The sheath is 7" long not including the strap or the beaded dangle on the bottom.


Price: $89.00Sold






Antler Belt Knife By

Jeff II Hawks


Love the knife carving on this one. Feathers all the way around & a partial shield at the top. At the guard area there is a buffalo horn piece inserted & the top has an extra antler piece with 2 brass pieces. The blades are usually made out of old saws so suppose this is also. The blade is 3 1/4" & the antler carved handle is 3 3/4" for a total of 7" long. The sheath will hold up to a 2 1/2" belt. The total length of the knife, sheath & fringe is 11 1/2". Left sided knife. NICE!


Price: $125.00






Jeff II Hawks Antler Belt Knife


I have alot of Jeffs work as you can see. It is great work & very saught after. Here is where you can own some! This one is a right sided knife it's total length with the fringe is 12". The blade is 3 3/4" & antler about 3 3/4" for about 7 1/2" total. The carving is phenomenal on this one you have three wolfs, a bear, an eagle & 5 feathers. Lots going on with it! The sheath has two coyote claws along with glass beads of navy, yellow & orange.


Price: $145.00





Wood Eagle Neck Knife


Here is yet another Pappy Knife! Since the others were sold I got another one up. It is a dark wood with a metal feather inlay on both sides. The sheath is heavy leather with fringe & sinew wrap. The strap is a round braid like a bolo tie only thinner. The knife is 5 1/4" long (sheath 5 3/4"). The strap is 25". Not to many of these around. Pappy has retired so I hear.


Price: $65.00 










 Texas Flint, Antler & Cinnamon Burl Wood



Years ago I bought a couple of these Tevas flint blades from a nice gentleman. The one knife I made with one is long gone & here is the new knife I have made up with the other blade. I really like what I call the naturalness or earthyness of this blade along with a really nice feel to the hand antler & cinnamon burl handle. I think you will like it  too. The blade is 5 3/4" long & 1 1/2" wide at widest point. the handle is 5" so we have a 10 3/4" long knife here. I am going to have a hard time selling this one. I really want to keep it...maybe will! Anyway for now it is up for sale.

The sheath is sold separate. I am just showing it togetheer because I think they go great together & the knife fits perfectly into it. It is a belt knife sheath in a deep saddle buckskin that has a quilled front (quilled meaning dyed porkupine quills woven in). In the sheath the total length is a tad over 16".


Knife: $185.00Sold


Sheath: $115.00









Primitive Belt Knife


This knife is made by Jeff II Hawks. Great for period dress or display. It is a nice piece of deer antler with 8 carved feathers around it. The top & a small piece next to the guard is buffalo horn. The top is pinned with two brass pieces that you can't see in the pictures well. Blade is 3 1/2" & antler about 4 1/4". Total length is about 7 3/4. The knife in the sheath is 13" long. It has small red white heart glass beads along with a yellow stripe bead & brass cones.


Price: $130.00




Jeff II Hawks Carved Badger

Jaw Neck Knife


This jaw is a bit bigger than the above weasle jaw. It is 5" total length. The design/feather is carved into the jaw. It is a very rustic 2 1/2" blade. The length up to the top of the beads on the neck strap is 11". Nice!


Price: $79.00Sold





Carved Feather Antler Handle

Belt Knive


Wonderful knife by Jeff II Hawks. Lots of carving on this one. There are many feathers all around the handle & the top rosette has a morning star. There are two copper spacers & one black buffalo horn spacer. The blade is made of an old steel spring saw. It is 5 1/4" long & the knife is about 9 1/2". The total length in the sheath is about 12".


Price: $129.00





Feather Carved Antler Knife


I bought this antler knife handle from Jeff II Hawks & have made it into a knife with walnut wood & brass. The sides are all done up in carved feathers & the top is the four corners or medicine wheel design. After I made this up I could not decide if I wanted to make a sheath or a stand. Then it hit me I have some of Jeff II Hawks carved antlers on a stand. I held it up to one of them & this one looks like it was made for it. I am selling them separate though if you prefer one or the other. The stand is also listed on the antler items page. The blade is 4 1/4" & total length w/antler is 9". Very special set I think!


Knife: $95.00 Sold


Stand: $59.00 Sold




Jeff II Hawks Carved Antler

& Pipestone Belt Knife


Very nicely done antler handle knife by Jeff II Hawks. There is a wolf head carving protruding from the side that fits the hand nice. There is a pipestone wolf track inlaid in the rosette. The blade is made out of an old steel spring saw. It is 6" long. The knife is about 10 3/4" & in the sheath will be about 12". The sheath has brass cone along with brass & glass beads & two coyote claws.


Price: $148.00Sold







Non Tipical Antler Knife & Eagle

Carved Antler Stand


This is a very cool non tipical antler knife I made up that can be bought with or without the also very cool antler stand that two eagles have been carved into the tips. They have real glass eyes. The stand was made by Gary Akers a wonderful artist of antler & wart hog carved eagle heads. I am so glad I found him & he has agreed to work together on some future creations! The knife has steer horn & brass accents. This knife fits into a small mans or a womans hand. You can see in picture above how the hand fits around the non tipical tips. I only show right hand but left hand fits nice also. The blade is just about 3" & total length with antler is 7". The stand is 6 3/4" long, 5" wide & 5 1/2" tall.


Knife: $75.00 Sold


Stand: $59.00 




Neat Little Skinner Type

Damascus Blade Knife


The handle of this knife is warthog tusk where an eagle has been carved into it & I have set in glass eyes. There is a cinnamon burl spacer & shaved down brass guard made to fit the warthog tusk base. The

2 3/4 damascus blade is beautiful. The total length of the knife is a little over 5 1/2". Neat little knife. I may make a sheath for it one day or if requested.



Price $179.00 Sold







                 Carved Wolf & Feathers

                    Antler Handle Knife


Jeff II Hawks belt knife here! Three wolfs & four feathers carved into this great knife. The antler handle is 4 1/2" & the blade is a little under 4 1/2 so almost a 9" knife. It is about 13" in the sheath including the fringe. Another great knife!


Price: $155.00   







Jeff II Hawks Carved Antler Feathers

Belt Knife


This great belt knife has eight feathers carved around it. The top has the four corners carved in. There is a black horn spacer along with 2 copper then an antler guard. the blade is 4 3/4". The handle 5 1/2". The total length in the sheath is 14 1/2". There are brass cones along with glass beads and two coyote claws on the sheath. The claws are hung in the center of the sheath that has a red wool insert.


Price: $159.00



                      Nice Antler Skinner Knife


This skinner knife I have made out of a nice two tine real antler tip. Nice all natural color to it also. the blade is made to look like damacus. I have added a piece of oak & walnut wood at the base of the blade & antler. Sharp looking & fits in hand nice. The blade length is 4" & total length is 9 3/4".


Price: $75.00 Sold 






Jeff II Hawks Carved Antler 

                        Neck Knife


Yet another Jeff II Hawks Knife. I went crazy on this wonderful artist. This Knife has has two great looking feathers carved into it along with a neat bear paw that runs along the top (feathers are underneath). The top of the handle has two brass pins for looks. The antler handle is 3 1/4"" & the rustic blade is 3 1/4" for a total of a 6 1/2" knife. The knife in the sheaths total length is 11 1/2" not including the neck strap. Beads are brass & yellow glass.


Price: $95.00Sold 





Antler Carved Jeff II Hawks

                          Neck Knife


Yet another wonderful Jeff II Hawks creation. Never a disapointment. This one has an eagle & four feathers carved around the antler handle. The top has an added antler piece that has two brass pins. The blade area has a wood insert before the antler guard. the antler measures 3 1/2" & the blade 3 1/4" making it 6 3/4" long. In the sheath the total length with fringe is 12" not including the neck strap. Beads on sheath are yellow & red glass with copperish brass cones.


Price: $94.00Sold





More Jeff II Hawks-Antler Neck Knife


I went crazy on my friend Jeff Two Hawks items. I lost him there for a while but he's back & even better than ever! This is a nice little neck knife. It has feathers carved in all the way around the antler handle. The top has a morning star. down at the base there is a copper spacer that looks real cool. the knife blade is from an old steel 2 blade saw. The beads are red & yellow glass along with rusty tin cones. The blade is just shy of 3" & the handle is a tad over 3" making it a 6" knife. It measures about 11" in the sheath.


Price: $95.00Sold





Four Wolfs Carved Around Antler Knife Handle


This wonderful neck knife has FOUR wolfes carved into the handle. It is a real piece of art. The blade is made out of an old spring steel logging saw & is 3 1/2" long. The total knife length is 6 1/2" & the length in the sheath including the fringe is about 11". The beads on the sheath are glass, brass & copper tipped with four coyote claws.


Price: $120.00Sold








       Beautifully Carved Antler Belt Knife


Jeff II Hawks! Eight carved feathers around the handle of this great looking belt knife. The top rosette area has a turtle & medicine wheel carved into it. The knife in the sheath measures 13 1/2". The knife is 9"...blade 4 1/2" & handle 4 1/2". Has a piece of black horn around the guard area. Nice!


Price: $155.00




                    Springbok Boot Knife


I call this a boot knife because it is long & slender. The handle is real springbok horn! The blade with a brass guard is 3 3/4" long 5/8" wide & the horn with a small mahogany wood insert up by the guard is 5 1/4 so 9' total knife length. Nice piece!


Price: $75.00






                 Fringless Jeff II Hawks Neck Knife


Another great creation! The sheath has a rawhide front painted with orange & brown. Has brass cones & orange glass beads. The strap is 20" & slightly adjustable on back. The knife is 5"...handle is 2 1/2" & blade 2 1/2". Four feathers surround the handle. There is a black horn insert & a brass pin at the top. Small sweet knife!


Price: $89.00Sold






Jeff II Hawks Antler Carved

Neck Knife


Petite very cute little neck knife carved with the four corners on both sides The small guard & the top are made of steer horn with a brass pin in the top. The knife measures 4 2/8" altogether...blade 2". The sheath without the strap is a little over 8 " with the brain tanned fringe & 2" wide. Red & white glass beads & small tin cones.


Price: $89.00Sold





Jeff II Hawks Muskrat Jaw Bone Knife


Another II hawks creation using a jaw bone as a handle! Jeffs blades are very rustic so his knives will have rust or will rust. He usually makes them out of old saws. This knife is 4 1/4" long...blade 2 1/2". The sheath without the strap but with the fringe measures 8 1/2" long & 2 1/2" wide at it's widest point.The beads are glass red white hearts, bone & brass. There is also one small lynx claw on each side.


Price: $89.00