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Great Buckskin Bags For More Than Just You
Buckskinners Out There!
Most of these bags can be used by all...Flat Landers Welcome!!

Black Bear Paw & Sterling Silver Pouch Belt Bag
WOW!! Where do I start?? Truly a one of a kind! You won't find this everywhere you go for sure. Made by silversmith Gary Edwards. The front has a bone carved Indian Maiden & a bear. It is 2 3/4" long. It has large Turquoise stones on each side along with some red coral. The lid also has the turquoise, coral & silver filigree. Massive sterling silver in this piece. The two sterling silver hooks, hook around a belt. The inside is lined with green velvet The claws are about 1 1/4" long. The bag is 10" long, 4 1/4" wide & 2 1/2" deep. What an unusual, beautiful show piece!! Awsome!!
Price: $1,375.00

    Really, Really Nice Alligator
And Black Elk Hide Bag
This is a fantastic bag!!!! Real gator hide. Real nice cream, browns, and a little black that look real nice with the black elk hide. The gator is trimmed out with black elk hide. The carved wart hog tusk eagle really finishs it off. It is used with a leather strap to tie front flap down. The inside of the gator is lined with black elk hide. The bag measures with fringe but not including strap 21" long and about 7" wide. The eagle is 2 1/2". The strap is 43".
Price: $225.00

          Gator Foot Pouch Bag 
This is a great bag for those that want a one of a kind true conversation piece!! Large foot!! It is 9" long & 5 1/2" wide! It is done up in black buckskin. Straps total length is 38" or hangs half that at 19". The strap has some fringe for decoration. The bags total length is 36" with the fringe being 10" of it. Pouch measures 8"x 5".
Price: $150.00

         Fox Fur Leather Neck
              or Shoulder Bag
Beautiful colors of cream, rust & a little black in this fox fur bag. The leather is a smooth finished rust color which is also in the braided 37" strap along with a dark brown leather strip intertwined. The actual bag meaures 4 1/2" long by 4" wide not including the twisted fringe. With the fringe it is 10" & total length with the strap is 29 1/2". The closure button is a real antler slice.
Price: $68.00

Jeff II Hawks Antler & Leather
Neck Pouch
Relisting several of Jeff's neck pouches due to a mishap where I unfortunatly deleted a bunch of bags...)-: These are all done in brain tanned natural leather. Very rustic in design The front of each pouch is done with different carvings out of deer or moose antler. They are all beaded up with various beads & cones. Some with coins, horse hair, fur, toe bones & claws. They average 10 to 12" long & 4" wide not including the strap. If you want more info on one let me know. I have a set price on them so just let me know what one you are interested in & I would be happy to pull it for you!
Price: $66.00






Buckskin & Ocelot Pipe Bag
This bag come equipped with it's very own antler, wood & leather wrapped peace pipe! It is 4 1/2 " long. The bag is the fur of an old ocelot coat. The leather is dark brown, black & medium tan. There is a round wood disk on the flap. It measures a total of 45". The strap total length is 60" & can be knotted to shorten if desired. The actual bag measures 6 1/2 by 5". Has nice long twisted fringe.
Price: $72.00 

Cowboy Boot Bag
Made out of an old real cowboy boot top. Hand stitched shut at the bottom with 8 1/2" fringe on the bottom. The bag itself measures 11 x 6". Light tan buckskin closure with a small antiqued silver concho. The total lengh of the bag with fringe & braded strap is 40". Coolness for sure!
Price: $59.00

   Alligator Belly Skin Neck Pouch
I love this pouch for it's wonderful colors in the skin of light browns, dark tans & caramels. It is trimmed in black lacing & a dark brown neck strap that is 24". The bag itself is 4 1/2" long & 4 3/4" wide. The total length with the strap is 17". The opening is small at about 2" around.
Price $58.00

     Buckskin Covered Aluminum
                 Water Canteen
Here's a great unusual piece. Aluminum canteen covered in golden buckskin & dark brown trim. The two top small silver stars are snaps so you can take it out to fill or wash out. There is also a decorative star concho with dark brown twisted leather fringe. It meaures 8 1/2" around. The strap is 46" all together. Bag hangs a total of 30" including the fringe.
Price: $88.00

Beautiful Venice Italy
Seed Beaded Bag
Great black buckskin shoulder bag featuring a butterfly design on the front that is of Italian glass seed beads. The beads are mostly black & gold but there are touches of red, orange, green & blue in there also. The total length of the bag is 39"...a break down would be... Strap is 54" total length & of course can be shortened. The bag itself is 8 1/2"long without fringe & 13" long with fringe. It is 4 1/2" wide. Pretty!!
Price: $69.00

Snake Skin Neck Pouch Bag
Great little pouch bag with real Snake skin!!! I have two of these left. The beads vary a little bit on them. I can also make up another if you have a preference of beads or leather color. . The bags total length with the strap is 27". The bags themselves measure 10' x 4 1/2" with fringe. The closure is a antler piece. The strap is a thin braid of the same cream colored leather.
Price: $68.00


Jeff II Hawks Buckskin Neck Pouch With Antler & Pipestone
Wonderfully done bag of a tabacco or rust colored buckskin. The disk is carved moose antler with a pipestone insert as turtles back shell. Brass & green glass white heart beads along with small silver cones. Measures 21" long with strap. bag is 8 1/2" x 4" with fringe. Disk is 2 3/4" x 1 3/4".
Price: $75.00

Beaded Turtle Amulet Fetish
Great little piece for the expecting mother or just a nice decoration piece. The idea is to insert the newborn childs dropped navel in the back side slit that is sewn up & would have to be opened if you were to use it for it's purpose...then resitch it closed. It is said to be good luck for the baby. Can be hung or worn around one's neck. it is 5 x 2 1/2" with brass metal beads & tin cones. The seed beads are a blood red, white, black & light yellow. the hang strap is 34" from end to end. Of course you can adjust.
Price: $62.00

     Ocelot & Buckskin Bag
Wonderful bag made out of real ocelot fur. It is a recycled piece of fur from an old coat! The bucksin is a bark brown & caramel color. The flap front is adorned with a small antler rosette that is about 1". The back is dark brown like the flap. The strap is a generous 58" braided mix of the two leathers. Tying a knot in it will shorten strap if  desired. The total length of the bag with strap is 46" with fringe & 5 1/4" wide.
Price: $79.00

    Python & Buckskin Bag
Basically the same bag as above only with a reticulated python front. Dark brown front flap & back. The other color leather is a tan. Multi color braided 56" strap that can be tyed at top in a knot to shorten. Total length 46"...strap & fringe. It's at 5 1/4" wide. Button on the front is steer horn. Nice!
Price: $79.00

      Stunning Leapard Bag
Super great looking bag out of a real old leapard coat. This fur is super nice! The leathers are a golden buckskin & black. Has a rusty colored wood button on the front panel. The total length...strap & fringe... is 47" & is 5 1/2" wide. Very, Very Nice!
Price: $95.00

Black Buffalo Hide Bag
With Carver Bone Ivory Horse
Wonderful bag of very heavy thick black buffalo hide. Lots of nice grain lines in the leather as you can see in the second picture. It's a large bag. Total length with strap & fringe is 44". The strap is a total of 50" long & 2" wide & has some fringe on each side. The fringe on the bottom of the bag is 9 1/2". The actual bag is 9 1/2" x 10". The front flap has a nice angled piece that has a braided edge all around it & also on the inside edge that the flap falls over. It also has a bone ivory carved horse that is about 1 1/4 x 2 3/4"
Price: $189.00