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Mandellas have been around a very long time. It is hard to say where or even exactly when they started. It is generally believed that the concept spread through inter tribal trading and marriage.
Native American Mandellas were not intended as physical protection, but as Spiritual Protection and as a means of identifying the essence of a person.
Mandellas were usually constructed by the Elders with information gleamed from a vision quest, prophetic dreams, or sacred signs. Thereafter, it was carried as a means of identity. It would be hung on the lodge door or rested on a tripod near the bearer.
Each tribe had it's own symbols and colors, that along with the materials used told much. For example, a quite, introspective person, a person who weighed each word would more than likely carry a Mandella made of bear skin, with the color black dominating. A person of great wisdom would carry a Mandella made of buffalo hide with the color white predominate.
It is believed that the Mandellas are a symbol of good medicine. To have one will bring health, prosperity and happiness.
Mandellas are also used as a focal point in meditation and prayer.
Fox Face Mandella
This is a silver fox with alot of black in it & some white & gray. He is on a large 26" ring that is covered with a heavy weight black suede. I have used a very fine quality mandella wool that I got from a friend at a show I do (The Wool Festival). She makes it up from her own sheep. Much thicker than most out there. I have remolded the face & stuffed it with pillow stuffing & added eyes to make it stand out. Behind him is a rabbit fur, I found, that is dead on to the fur in the fox. It is decorated in wood, bone, silver & black beads. The long feather drop with lots of beads & feathers, comes out of a large silver chonco in the center. This measures 26" wide and 53" long!
Price: $225.00 Sold...I can make up another with red fox, coyote, bobcat or pheasant. Waiting time depends on the amount of orders I have at the time of order.

Indian Mandella

This guy gives the look of an Iroquois Indian with his hair, feather headdress and jewelry. Spike ring neck pheasant feathers make his headdress. He has an earring and a two strand necklace of large glass rusty brown & turquoise seed beads along with some golden horn and real turquoise beads. The feathers are real nicely carved bone. several NICE rabbit furs make for the background (I say NICE because it is very hard to find NICE full rabbit fur and when you do find them they are expensive). It is all put on a large 26" ring that is covered with rust colored buckskin. The face is a chamois leather formed over a mold & hand painted. I used some sheep wool for the center of his mohawk hair.

He measures 26" wide by 37" long.

Price: $225.00




 Indian Woman Mandella

She turned out very beautiful with lots of NICE rabbit fur to keep her warm in the winter. There I go again using that NICE. As I stated next door & I can't help but elaborate on this, it is very hard to find NICE rabbit fur and in my mind there is no sence going through all this work with inferior quality supplies. Be assured my materials are quality. Anyway, back to this pretty lady! She is on a large 26" ring also that has been done with a heavy tan suede. Her face is a chamios leather formed over a mold. I have added a feather, bone, brass & snake skin choker. I make the full choker also if your intersted in one for yourself.

She measures 26" wide & 34" long.

Price: $225.00