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Medicine Wheels

                The Medicine Wheel symbolizes the sacred, never ending circle of life.
                The spokes honor the four directions of Mother Earth.
                The center of the wheel is sometimes referred to as "The Creators Eye".
                The colors represent the race of humanity.

                                             Spectacular Medicine Wheel
A fellow artist friend has cut the 5 fluted Kokopelies in a thin slab of wood with bark. Great looking piece that I have then put on a 12" ring covered in a saddle tan buckskin. The wood piece is 11 1/2" x 4 1/2". The total length is about 37" not including the hanging strap. It has 12 beautiul peacock tail feather & alot of small feathers that are also peacock. It has lots of beads are copper, tan glass & some fancy green & copper mix beads.
Price: $115.00 Sold 




Ying Yang Medicine Wheel


This 6" wheel has a two tone carved ying yang center design with two bear paws cut out. The leather is a saddle tan color. It has bone, glass and brass beads. Feathers are pheasant.

The length of the of ring and feathers would be 15" not

including the beaded hanging strap.


Price: $37.00



End Of The Trail Medicine Wheel

& Dream Catcher


Great piece! This has a two tone wood cut out in the center that is 4" round. The medicine wheel ring is 6" & the dream catcher ring is 9". Rings are wrapped in a saddle buckskin that matches the wood real well. The beads are cream bone, rustic silver antiqued & copper. The total length is 28".


Price: $73.00Sold




     Colorful Beaded Medicine Wheel


Really neat little guy on a 4 1/2" ring. Dyed duck feathers that are around 4" long. It measures 12x5 1/2".


Price: $35.00



Medicine Wheel
This wheel is done in a golden buckskin with natural duck feathers. The beads are brass & tea dyed bone.
The center piece is a slice of deer antler.
Wheel is a small 3" ring. The length with the feathers would be 9 1/2 with out the hanging strap.
Price: $19.00 Sold... I can & will make more of these one of these days!!!

Agate Slice With Lucite Scorpion
Medicine Wheel & Dream Catcher Mix
This interesting piece has both a medicine wheel & dream catcher. The outside ring being the dream catcher & center ring medicine wheel. The agate slice center is about 5 1/4" with a 2" lucite round 1/2 dome with a real scorpion embeded in it. It has black & white glass beads along with silver metal beads. The feathers are black & white duck. It measures 13" wide & is 34" long without hang strap. Nice!
Price: $85.00  Sold I can make more up in various size & colors.

    Agate Painted Eagle Medicine Wheel/
                Dream Catcher Combo
If you like dream catchers, medicine wheels & eagles this one's for you! The stunning painted eagle agate is done by a great artist Veronica Regan. I have used her artwork to create a mix of a 8" dream catcher with a center 5" medicine wheel. It is done with a saddle tan buckskin, silver, bone & two tone yellow glass beads. The feathers are rooster that have a bit of yellow dye to the existing black they naturally have. The length without the hang strap is 27". Neat!
Price: $89.00