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 Bone and Horn
Breast Plate
with Choker
  This is a large breast plate with tea dyed 4" hair pipes and 1 1/2" golden horn center. A large (2") Antler rosette is the center decoration that has a stone cab in the center of it.There are brass beads in various areas. Round natural leather cord is used to string it. The base runs 10 1/2 wide and 17 long.The choker is included. It is made out of the same materials. It is 13 1/4 long without the leather ties.
Price: $250.00 w/ three strand choker
          $260.00 w/ four strand choker Sold
I will be making another one when I have a request!





Carved Deer Skull & Antlers

This is really some exceptional piece! Native Jeff II Hawks carved this beauty. I collect a lot of his work but I can't keep it all to myself so here it is. The four corners starts the center design along with other graphics and feathers. The antlers are also carved the right one has a feather at the end tip & a wolf on the second tip. Six deer tracks run along the side of that antler. The left antler has an eagle on the end tip & a wolf on the second tip, third tip, a feather. The side of the antler has 6 wolf tracks running along it.
This is all carved into the antler/skull & then wiped with a black dye to stand out. The skull is stuffed with sage as a tribute to the animal. Antlers are what I would call a non-typical set. They are a little unusual. It measures about 14 1/2" tall and 11" wide.
Price: $248.00




           Large Bob Cat Spirit Chaser


This is a very large Spirit Chaser... 32" long all together not including the hang strap! It is also a VERY thick fur of a rusty brown & cream color. The feathers are turkey & saddle rooster all in nice blending colors of rust, brown, cream copper & a little black. The beads are copper & torched bone. It is 6 1/2" wide & the tail is 21" long. Not sure which one I like better this one or the coyote next door! Both nice.


Price: $73.00 Sold



Mutton Chop Coyote Spirit Chaser??


This tail had two flaps of fur & I really didn't want to cut it off. Sooooo here is what I call the mutton chop spirit chaser! Both side have it. This guy has great looking lady amherst wing pheasant feathers along with some rooster saddles. The beads are tea dyed bone & antiqued silver. He is 8" wide & 26" long without the hang strap. Lots of hair on this fellow!


Price: $68.00 Sold



Cowhide Coolie Cups

These show style for you Cowboy's and Cowgirls. I have several different hides as you see in picture below along with different decorations. If you would like other than my choice to send please let me know. They have black foam inserts that can easily be replaced with any foam coolie cup.
Price: $26.00 each
All Sold but working on materials for more down the road!




Deer Hoof & Antler Dance Rattle

This deer hoof rattle is made on a long spike antler tip. The center of it is wrapped with some buckskin & two brass tacks. The ten hooves and end wild turkey and pheasant feathers are attached with brain tanned strips. The beads are brass and glass white heart red beads along with brass cones. The top of the antler has a real red coral piece & brass tack. 
Antler is 10" long.
Price: $55.00 Sold



Antler & Deer Hoof Rattle

This is just a different design of the above. It has the ten hooves & glass red beads along with the brass beads & cones. Wild turkey feathers & pheasant. The strips are brain tanned that will give it strength. The antler spike is 12" long. It also has the red coral top. The top side I have added 4 brass tacks for decoration.
Price: $55.00 Sold Will be making more!




Carved Indian Chief Driftwood

Deer Hoof Rattle
I really like the way this turned out. One of my favorite things to do is take a simple piece of whatever that nature has given us & make it into something with purpose rather than being left behind or discarded. This is a real good example. The Indian Cheif is carved in the handle area along with some wood burning & some faint paint. The small hoofs ( not dew claws ) are hung with brain tanned leather. The beads are brass, antiqued silver & light blue white heart beads. Side of headdress has small antiqued silver conchos & tin cones. The very cool part is the natural bear that is on the top back side (last picture). The only thing I did was put a little dot for the eye. It measures 11" long & 6 1/2" wide. A very one of a kind item!
Price: $59.00 Sold








Gar Fish Dance Rattle Stick

I cannot take full credit for these guys. A fellow artist friend of mine said check out my "fish stick"! Now myself, liking unusual things, had to make one up! He is attached to a long spike antler that is sheading so it is a bit of a ruff texture rather than smooth giving it a more rustic or old look. There is a nice full rabbit skin neck band. The center is a wrapped with buckskin & two silver tacks on one end. The end of the antler tip has 2 hanging strands of buckskin with yellow old glass beads & several copper & silver beads along with copper disk on the end of each.
He measures 23" long.
Price: $48.00 Sold... If I find more gar fish I will make more. 




Sterling Silver & Turquoise

Concho Belt
Black leather, stamped sterling silver & turquoise make up this 46 1/2" belt. There are 18 gorgeous conchos that measure 1 1/8" around not inculding the buckle. The buckle is 1 5/8"x1 1/8". It is signed AJC. Weighs 145 grams. Please note the measurments...this is a long & narrow belt. Very nice!
Price: $375.00 



Small Rain Stick

Great little rain stick made out of real cactus. The leather is a dark rust & it has a antiqued copper concho. The beads are green glass & copper along with golden horn hair pipes & feathers. It stands about 10" tall & is about 2" wide. I have others below or I can also make one for you in the colors & beads you would like...just contact me to talk!
Price: $29.00
Note: Below I have added a picture if several others all at the same price. 





Antler & Horn Serving Spoon

Serving up your favorite pot of stew or chile?? This would be a great serving piece to do it with! Carved out buffalo horn & a carved wolf out of an antler tip. It is pinned with brass pins. Very unique piece By Jeff II Hawks. It measures 14" long.
Price: $79.00 

Three Carved Wolfes Antler & Buffalo Horn Spoon
Price: $89.00


Steer Horn Lamp With Rawhide Shade

This is a great lamp for a rustic look. Nice in a cabin! This is made with one large steer horn & one smaller of black, white, brown, tan & beige in colors. It has black & white cowhide along with black deerskin. Pretty colors! 
The lamp with it's large 10"x15" shade is 28" tall. Base is 10 1/2" across. Pretty & unusual tall lamp.
Price with shade :  $190.00 Sold  I will have another one up soon or at least upon request!
Price for lamp only : $125.00...  I have another lamp done up in a rust color hide. Contact if interested please!



Wonderful Sterling & Turquoise
Hair Combs
These are nice to jazz up you do! I have two. If ever comb does not look like it would be hard to put the sterling top on another comb. They are 3" across & 1 3/4" tall.
Price: $20.00 eachSold

WOW!! Sterling Silver Inlay Belt Buckle
We have all kinds of stone inlay in this super nice, very cool belt buckle. Cosmic in design with a 1" turquoise stone & feather design following. These are all cut stones inlayed in a black epoxy of some sort. I will try & name all... Turquoise, spiny oyster, gaspeite, red coral, mother of pearl, yellow mussel shell, pink mussel shell, onyx & man made opal. measures 3 6/8" x 2 6/8". It is 77.9 grams in weight. It will take a 1 1/2" to 1 3/4" belt.Signed RRG.
Price: $400.00

Wonderful Sterling Silver Eagle
Belt Buckle
Great silversmith artist Carson Blackgoat has done this wonderful belt buckle. I have a cuff bracelet list also done by him. I love his work. This buckle is 2 13/16" tall & 3 1/2" wide. Will take a 1 1/2" belt. It weighs at 57.8 grams
Price: $225.00


Sterling Silver, Turquoise & Coral
This is a very old piece. It adjusts with a screw so it will fit many sizes of hats. It has turquoise & red coral all the way around it. I already packed it for shows but I believetit is 1" wide maybe a tad more...If you are interested I would be happy to give more details like how many stones etc...
Price: $ 120.00
Jeff II Hawks Antler Powder Horn
This is a real sharp looking horn. Nice brown matrix in the antler. The carving is simple but real wall done. Total length is 8". The wide end is 1 1/2" & narrows down as you can see. It has brass pins & brass powder tip.
Price: $75.00

Jeff II Hawks Antler Neck Powder Horn
Another great antler powder horn made to wear around your neck. Nice weathered antler slightly polished, with carved out design.The plug is wood & antler. The beads are brass & red white hearts along with a red, white & blue chevron glass beads. The length is 6 1/2".
Price: $49.00

Pheasant Feather Mirrors
 Both of the above  Sold Will make another upon request



Muskrat Skull Spirit Chaser


This is a real muskrat skull with a beautifully colored fox  rust, black & cream fur tail as it's headdress. The beads are brass and red white hearts. The feathers are domesticated turkey and the leather is saddle deerskin. It measures 19" long without the hanging strap and about 4" wide.


Price: $45.00 Sold



Beatnick Bobcat Spirit Chaser


Little scary ey??? That's the idea behind it. They were made to do just that! Scare away evil spirits. They were put in and around ones lodge to chase off the bad spirits. This one is a bobcat skull wrapped in a fox fur tail. Quite a hair doo (kind of hard to tell in pictures since it is close to the skull color) on this one & I have added a feather all gives him the beatnick look...wish I had the hat! The feathers are different colors of rooster saddles. A rust color & a black cream & tan color. I use black buckskin strips to hang the feathers & the beads are silver along with rust & cream bone beads. He is about 28" long without the hanging strap & 6 1/2" wide. 


Price: $69.00 




Pine Martin Spirit Chaser


This is a skinny face on the small side scary skull. He is 23" x 5 1/2" not including the hang strip. The feathers are duck & grouse The beads are small brass, brown glass & tea dyed hair pipe bone.


Price: $55.00 Sold






               Coyote Jaw Spirit Chaser


I personally love the colors in this one. Lot's of earthy tones of browns, rust, cream & a little black. He is about 8" wide & 30" long without the hang strap. The feathers are turkey & saddle rooster. Beads are brass, torched bone & a filigreed tube bead in a rusty brown & cream color. He has a neat stripe down his back.


Price: $68.00 Sold





Painted Deer Skull


I have painted this deer skull up in a deep green with off white & black trims. It was then black washed for an antiqued older look. There is a black thunderbird in the center between the eyes. It is 17" long from antler top to bottom of beaded feathers & about 8" wide at widest point. 


Price: $89.00 Sold


Plan on making another...Just when?????? Who knows! (-: 




Deer Leg Lamp


OK, this is a guy thing and definitely a guy hunter thing!! Four real deer legs on a round 7 3/4" dark wood base. The top of the legs has a saddle braided buckskin and a round antiqued copper plate. The shade is laced with the same color buckskin as on the lamp. If you prefer the silhouette shade with trees, moose and bear, just let me know. It is shown with the antler lamps.

This measures 22" tall with shade and 14" wide.


Price: $98.00 w/shade  Sold




Real Cowhide & Buckskin Lamp


Here is a lamp a bit less squeamish than the above might be for some of you ladies out there! The bottom base is covered in a light saddle buckskin & a buckskin braid all the way around. The center is a wood covered with cowhide and braided buckskin. The three stars are wood and antiqued gold. 

The shade is laced with matching buckskin.

This measures 23" tall w/shade, 14" wide. The lamp cowhide center is 14 1/2" tall and 3 3/4 wide. The bottom base is 6 1/4 square.


Price: $150.00 w/shade




Cowhide Wine Bottle Coolie


Right now I only have the two shown in the picture above. One black and white and one brown and white. They have a heavy foam inside and are laced up with rawhide. The black one has antiqued sliver and black glass beads. The brown has brass and white bone beads. Both have feathers added on to the end of the beads.

They measure 6 1/2" tall.


Price: $33.00 each




Buffalo Vertibrae Dance Rattle


This was made by Jeff II Hawks. It is done in an old traditional style way. Aged looking 16 bells and 8 thimbles have been used for the rattle part. The bone is painted a red clay color. The handle is wrapped in brained tan leather and held with large brass tacks. The end is decorated with small brass & red white heart glass beads along with dyed deer hair cones. Nice item for a collector of unique items.


Price: $85.00 Sold





Large Rain Stick

  This is a nice size cactus rain stick. The needles of the cactus are pushed through the cactus making a maze through the hollow center. Then tiny pebbles were placed inside making a really pleasant sound like gentle rain. I have dressed it up with saddle buckskin, pheasant feathers, beads & a real nice silver & gold concho. The width is about 3" & the length is 29".


Price: $48.00 Sold I have another one a little shorter 23" but more expensive feathers at $49.00. Email if you are interested & I will send pictures! Thanks...




Turtle Shell Necklace


Very defferent turtle shell plate with brain tanned strips that are beaded with brass beads, red hearts, yellow cross old African trade beads & brass cones. It is about 5" long not including the neck strap & about 4 1/2" wide. The neck strap is two strands that tie. Each strap is 15" so total of 30" making it able to adjust to a number of different lengths.


Price: $52.00 Sold





Full Size Bic Lighter Covers

Sterling Silver


These are really nicely done cover. The lighter fits very snug. The stone is real turquoise & a piece of red coral on the one. I get people asking for them every now & then & I found some. Signed W M & Sterling 


Price: $68.00Sold 




Super Nice Antiqued Sterling Silver &

Turquoise Concho Belt


If my waste line would show off a belt like this I would of kept it! I love it!! Made by Eugene Charlie. He has made several of these & every one I have seen, has gone for more than I am listing this at. It's total length is 48 1/2"& can be cut down. The maine buckle is 2 1/2 x 1 1/2". There are 8 oval conchos that are are 1 15/8" x 1 3/8". There are also 9 bow tie conchos that are 1 2/8" x 6/8" all with a small 6x4 mm oval blue green turquoise stone. It is all put on an adjustable 7/8" wide rust like very pliable brown leather belt strip.


Price: $299.00




Carved Bear Out Of Wart Hog Tusk

Wine Opener


The pictures do not do the detail in this item justice. It is a wonderfully carved real wart hog tusk piece carved into a bears head. It is done by DW Kelsey a great artist of carved antler, wart hog tusk & more. It is capped with a blonde colored wood...I do not remember the name of it...sorry! It is 3 3/4" from nose to end of wood cap. Very nice!!


Price: $58.00





Leather & Star Concho Napkin Rings


These look GREAT! I made myself a set & love them. I am selling this set in a set of 4, 6 or 8. They tie in the back with a leather strip that you can let out a little if you need to. The concho is 1 1/4" round & the leather is about 2" long.


Price: $32.00 set of 4

          $48.00 set of 6

          $64.00 set of 8




Cross Concho & Leather Napkin Rings


Same as above just a different design concho!!! Same price also... Silverware is listed under antler items.





Jeff II Hawks Small Powder Horn


This is a very neat little powder horn for display or to use. I have tried to get the eagle carved into it the best I could. It wraps around the horn so it is hard to get it in one shot. It has a hand made wood peg to plug it. The length is about 6 1/2"


Price: $68.00




Jeff II Hawks Le Fleur Carved Antler

Powder Horn


Le Fleur is a French Colonial design. Jeff has carved this into the antler. The bottom & top has dark wood (probably walnut) attached with brass rods. The plug is copper, wood & steer horn. It measures 7". Really nice for a collector.


Price: $75.00






Dream Catcher Mirror


Guess I should have listed this on the dream catcher page so you may see a repeat...sorry. I always try to have a wall mirror made up so customers can see a piece of jewelry on them. Soooo here is a new one. The 10" mirror with braiding all the way around it is set in a 14" dream catcher. The total length is 39" including the hang strap. It is done in a saddle buckskin & has antiqued copper beads along with  black & brown glass beads. The feathers are real nice small wild turkey ( about 5" ) & hackles. The top has a copper concho with a antiqued thunderbird design. This is a real attractive piece.


Price: $120.00 





Good Luck Horseshoe


This is a good luck horse shoe. It is 5" x 4 1/2". The total length of this one is 29 1/2" with the hang strap. It is done in two shades of leather a saddle tan & a light tan. The glass beads are a brown color along with brass beads. This one has a wonderful concho that is an antiqued silver with a brass horse shoe center. It is 1 1/4". This has 24 Grade A...No. 1 wild turkey feathers that are just beautiful to finish it out to a really cool looking piece.

I would be happy to do this out of your horses shoe!


Price: $64.00 Sold


I have a new one made up with a star concho instead of the horse shoe & even nicer feathers...beautiful feathers!!


Price: $65.00





Good Luck Horseshoe

Some wonderful friends gave me a horseshoe for good luck in my new home addition. I dressed it up a bit & thought to myself... I need to put some of these out there...sooooo here are a few. This shoe is 5 1/4" x 4 1/2" The total length is 29 1/2" with the hang strap. It is done in  two shades of leather a saddle tan & a dark brown. It has brown glass beads & brass beads There is a great concho in antiqued silver with a brass star center. It is 1 1/4". There are 24 No. 1 wild turkey feathers that fill it out to a beautiful wall decoration.
I would be happy to make you one of these with your horses shoe
Price: $58.00

             More Good Luck Horse Shoes!
This also is much like the above horse shoes. It has 24 nice wild turkey feather. Two tone leather wraps & hang straps. A dark brown & a saddle tan. The center chonco is antiqued silver & brass. The design in it is Le Fleur. The shoe is 5" x 4 1/2". The total length with the long hang strap that can be shortened is 32".
I would be more than happy to make one out of your horses shoe!
Price:  $58.00 Sold