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Very Cool Horn, Bone,

Sterling And Turquoise
The pendant on this is very unusual. The white is carved bone. The horns are real horn with sterling silver tips. A turquoise cabochon is set in the center of the skull with sterling silver. There is a variety of sterling beads used, some bench beads, some Bali. I have also used turquoise & bone beads.
The necklace measures 22" and the pendant is 2 1/2 long w/bail and 2 1/4" wide.
Price: $105.00


Turquoise & Sterling Cow Skull Necklace


This is a very blue turquoise with black vains running through it. Made with some hogan sterling beads & two real nice two sided Bali beads with turquoise set in. The pendant is 2 1/4 x 1 1/4". The length of the necklace is 28".

Price: $85.00



Sterling Silver Heart

Necklace With Turquoise


Lots of silver here! The Hogan beads have a hint of large turquoise heshi 4 to 5mm between the beads then round graduated beads up top. The necklace is 20" in length. the sterling heart pendant is 2" in length including the bale & 1 3/8" wide.


Price: $115.00



Big Chunky Green

Turquoise Necklace


Very large deep green turquoise 19 1/2" necklace. Weighs in at 124 1/2 grams!! The color in the picture is very close to actual color. The largest center stone is about 33mm long. The top is done with some smaller green turquoise & Bali sterling beads to fit around the back of the neck more comfortably.


Price: $95.00Sold


Wood Jasper and

Amber Necklace


I wanted to do something different & earthy with this wood jasper stone slab (1 1/2x1 1/4). I like how it turned out! The slab is attached with a strip of rust buckskin & I have added more buckskin to give it the fringe look. The beads are butterscotch amber, regular amber, amber glass & brass. It is 18 1/2" long.


Price: $59.00 Sold


Turquoise and Amber Mix Necklace


The color combination in this is really beautiful. There are two types of amber, butterscotch & the regular amber colored amber. They are nicely rounded off chip style. The turquoise are about 8mm round beads with flat spots on top & bottom of stringing area, sterling bali beads are used as spacers. This necklace is 18"...NICE!


Price: $89.00


Multi Amber & Sterling



What a pretty piece if you are an amber lover! It has lighter & darker amber along with butterscotch amber all graduated in size. Larger about 3/4" to smaller 1/4". The Sterling Silver & Multi colored amber pendant is a large 3 x 1 1/2". The amber drop piece to the pendant is an extra 1". The length of the necklace is 18".


Price: $125.00


Boulder Royston Turquoise

And Picture Jasper Necklace


The picture jasper, turquoise along with sterling silver beads in this 19 1/2" necklace look great with the Royston turquoise pendant. I am selling them as a set or individually. The pendant is 2 1/4" long w/bail & 1 1/8" wide. It is signed TF. It has a slight dent in the back...not bad just don't want to surprise you. It of course does not effect the front.


Set Price: $299.00

Necklace Price: $89.00

Pendant Price: $225.00



Tiger Eye, Picture Jasper, &

Onyx Necklace & Pendant


This is a wonderful necklace! Love the look & the colors. The pendant I bought & it is great by itself so I will sell it by itself but I had to make up a necklace for it. It is 3 strands of 4 mm tiger eye, picture jasper, oval 4X6 mm onyx beads & sterling Bali beads. It is about 21 1/2 ". The Pendant is just awsome! It is inlay of the same stones & silver running through to separate the inlays. It is very large & heavy. Measures 3" long with the bail & 1 1/4" wide. It weighs 36.2 grams! Signed RCC & Sterling.


Necklace & Pendant Price: $520.00

save $24.00!!!


Necklace Price: $199.00

Pendant Price: $345.00


Spiny Oyster

Needlepoint Necklace


Great looking. The center piece sort of looks like a woman dancing or a thunderbird. It is zuni in design. Signed sterling & halmark. It has 104 tiny needlepoint inlay pieces. Weighs 71 grams. The length is 20". The drop is 3 1/2" long. Each panel is 3".


Price: $295.00




Beautiful Buffalo Tooth

Pouch Necklace


Gary Edwards you have done it again!! This guy comes up with the best stuff! I purchased 2 of these one to keep & one to sell. This is a real buffalo tooth that has a small pouch made of sterling silver on top of it. It is adorned with an arrow head, turquoise & red coral. The lid has a hinge on the back. His chains are all hand made also. Stunning, unusual piece. It measures 3 1/2" long & 2 1/2" wide. The removable chain is 24" long.


Price: $375.00 Sold I can get another but it will not be exactly the same. price may vary a little bit.


I now have one on the pendant page. It does not have the chain. Sold! Hope to have another one again here soon! I have requested one.





Sterling Silver

Heart Necklace


This is a supper nice combo of pendant & chain. They will be sold separate or for a little discount both pieces. The rope chain is 18" & weighs  20.8 oz. The heart pendant with the beautiful elongated bail is 15.6 grams. I would hate to separate since they look so good together but will. The pendant is marked Mexico & 925. It measures 1 1/16' across the bail. The heart is around 1". It really is stunning.



Chain: $88.00

Pendant: $69.00

Both: $150.00




Secret Hide Out Bic Necklace Or Bic Lighter Case Necklace


I have two of these. One has the fake bic top & the other fits a full sized bic lighter. The fake bic top is made to be a secret spot to hide whatever inside the case so it is hollow inside & you just put the little fake lighter top on as a lid. The design varies a little on each. The chain is all hand made. one chain is 24" the other 28". Let me know which length you prefer. These are by far the finest quality lighter cases I have EVER come across. Very heavy duty..not flimsy!

Weigh about 63 grams... one a little less & one a bit more.


Price: $250.00







Multi Stone And

Metal Necklace


This is a bit petite yet very noticeable necklace. The center piece is a 20x12 mm picture jasper. The other stone beads are turquoise, red jasper more picture jasper along with some bone heshi, The metal beads are copper, brass, gold fill & liquid sterling silver.

Measures 20 1/2"


Price: $38.00


Beautiful Turquoise Necklace


This is a very stunning piece. It is 21" long, partial two strand. This was a $599.00 neckelace & worth every penny but to move it I have reduced the price to an unbelievable...


Price: $399.00


Multi Color Amber & Sterling

Necklace With Removable

Sterling & Light Amber



This is a WOW! necklace! Very striking! Three colors of amber in the necklace... Light golden amber, golden amber & butterscotch amber divided by Bali sterling & other assorted sterling beads. The pendant is removable so it can be worn with say an omega & then the necklace itself can be worn on its own. I will be pricing this as a necklace or a pendant or as a necklace & pendant at a reduced price for the purchase of both. The necklace is 21" long & the amber disks are about 12mm. The pendant is a tad over 2" long with the bail & 1 1/4" wide. The amber cab is about 28x22mm.



$215.00 for pendant & necklace

$135.00 for necklace

$92.00 for pendant



Black Coral, Pearl, Onyx,

Smokey Topaz & Sterling Necklace


What a great pendant, not to mention my super beading also!! HA!! The black coral is the large bottom piece (top pic. shows the more spongie look, hard to discribe, but looks like little brownish black bubbles through most of it), above that are the 2 smokey topaz pieces & above that the pearl. The necklace is also beaded with smokey topaz 6mm beads along with onyx 8mm beads & sterling beads. It is 20" in length. The black coral is about 38mm x 29mm. The whole pendant is, 2 1/2" long including bale & 3 1/4" wide. Awsome, NOT SOUTHWEST piece!! (-:


Price: $210.00


Smokey Topaz And

Freshwater Pearl Necklace


This necklace came together after I made the above one. I thought they would look good together but they don't. It does however look good on it's own! The pearls are about 8x6mm & the topaz 7mm. There are smooth sterling silver 6mm rondelles between each bead.


Price: $69.00 



Five Strands Of Spiny Oyster

Turquoise & Garnet Necklace


This is a real nice combination of colors. The picture is just about true to color. Just a tad deeper in real. I have a charoite pendant on the pendant page that goes well with it & on the Jewelry set page there is a pendant & earrings inlaid with some of the purple spiny oyster in it that also works or it just fine the way it is! It is adjustable from 16" to 19". Looks good twisted. The strands in the close up are about 1/3 larger than the real thing.


Price: $210.00




Tommy Singer Beaded



Thomas Singer is known throughout the world. He is Navajo & alot of his designs originate from Navajo traditional rug designs. The gold & silver beads are a good example of that. This is a 27" chunky necklace that weighs much more than most. It weighs 100 grams!!! Most are running 60 to 80 grams. His beads are what ring these necklaces up. They are all hand made & this one has 2 beads with part 12kt overly. The others are all sterling. The gold & silver beads are 15mm round & 7/8" long. There are many out there that copy with nice but mass produced silver beads. The stones are turquoise, tiger eye, onyx, red jasper, red coral, lapis, chrysoprase & mother of pearl. I am proud to carry one of his nicer pieces.  .


Price: $675.00 



Delicate Porcupine Quill



These are much like the bone chokers only on a much smaller scale. They are for men & women but I find more women like them because they are more delicate & not as bulky. They are made with real quills that I have cut off the sharp tip & strung with seed beads, buckskin spacers & tie. The centers are different stones. There are two shades of turquoise, onxy (black stone), malichite & amber shown in the picture. I do have other stones. If you have a request contact me & I will let you know if I have it or can make it up. I can also add another row of quills that would make it 6 rows instead of the 4 shown. They run about 12" not including the long tie I have on them that can be cut to the length you want it.


Price: 4 rows, $28.00

6 rows, $38.00 (not shown)



Multi Stone & Sterling Silver



Let's see we have turquoise, lapis, malichite, gaspite, red coral, sugilite, mother of pearl & I believe the pink is coral. Lots of variety in this sort if winged necklace. The stones/shells are about 8x6 mm in the center piece & 6x4 mm on the winged sides. It is halmarked WR & sterling. The wing span is about 5" wide & about 3 1/2" tall. The necklace with the chain is 22" long.


Price$ $185.00







   Turquoise & Sterling Silver

             Heart Necklace


This piece is VERY Pretty! Neat sterling silver scroll work around a 18 x 27 mm turquoise heart. The length is 17". It is marked ATI 925 Mexico. It weighs at 28.8 grams.


Price: $99.00





Sterling Silver Snake Head Pill Box

With Large White

Rudilated Quarts Stone


This is one beautiful piece here I am sure you will agree.

Done by Gary Edwards. The head is a mold he made so there are others out there but few & very far between. It has really wonderful glass snake eyes in a golden color. The inside of the box I have lined with rust buckskin to give it a finished look. The top lid has a spectacular white rudilated quarts cut in a sort of rounded triangle shape (he uses different stones in the lid).  The stone itself is worth it! Just beautiful with the gold streams running through it. Measures 2 1/2" long & 1 1/2" wide & about 1" deep. The all hand made detachable stamped chain is 34" long & can be cut down. Weighs 93 grams with the chain!! Very unique piece!

Price: $575.00 Sold





Gold Fill Stag

Pendant Necklace


Very different piece here! An array of different gold fill beads make up this real nice stag pendant. There are corrigated beads, round, melon and saucer beads. It is 22" in length. The stag is 2" long & 1 7/8" wide. Great for male or female stag lovers.


Price: $110.00


Beautiful Man Made Fire

Opal & Onyx Necklace


Very brilliant man made fire opal inlayed in sterling silver. There are a few accents of onyx set in with the opal. The center piece is 2 1/2"x 1". The two sides are 1 1/2"x 1/2". The length of all three would be about 7" and the length with the chain is 22". It is signed sterling & has a small design after it which could be the artist signature.


Price: $210.00


Sleeping Beauty

Turquoise Neckelace


Beautiful light colored turquoise round disk stones with turquoise heshi stone dividers. It is adjustable from 18" to 22". The largest center disk is 1" wide.This was a $280.00 neckelace & worth it but to move it I have reduced it to...


Price: $210.00


Turquoise & Sterling Silver

Fan Necklace


Freshly made! I'm going to toot my horn here...I have been lucky this year & my beaded necklaces are flying out the door so here is a new one! It is 19" long with 8mm rondelle turquoise beads. The fan spans 2 5/8" across & the center longest stone is 13/16". There are sterling Bali beads in between each stone.


Price: $95.00


Carnelian, Red Amber

& Gold Fill Necklace


I have had this carnelian gold fish around for years waiting for the right bead combo to make it stunning & the time has finally come! I found the 10X8mm carnelian oval beads & the 4mm red amber (that looks more yellowish) along with an assortment of great Gold fill beads. It is 19" long the goldfish is about 1 1/2" long & 1" wide. Trust me very pretty!


Price: $139.00



        Turquoise And Amber

            Feather Necklace


Here are real nice 5mm round amber & turquoise beads along with chip style sterling beads in a free form design. I can't find this nice of amber rounds anymore so I only use what I have for special pieces. It is 18" long. The feather pendant is 1 3/8" long & 3/8" wide. Very nice!


Price: $69.00



Old Walking Liberty Half Dollar Navajo

Concho Necklace


Here's a fantastic old coin Navajo concho necklace. It has eight old half dollars and one in the center of the naja. They date from 1942-1945 and the center one is 1939. The naja has two pieces of coral and the necklace measures approx. 24-1/2" long. 185 Grams!! Nice, Nice, Nice...


Price: $499.00 




Turquoise Eagle Necklace


This is a great carved turquoise eagle set in sterling. The beak is mother of pearl & the claw feet are sterling. The wings move! The piece is signed BL. It is 19" long. The bird is about 4 1/2"wide.


Price: $199.00



Royston Ribbon Turquoise

And Picture Jasper Necklace


I have said it before & I will say it again...this stuff is HOT! I sell most of it as soon as I find it so don't miss out because it will run out. I am told the mine is small. The nout true to colorecklace is adjustable 18 1/2" to 22". The picture jasper looks almost like the royston stone host that is called limonite, so it really looks good together but I will sell as a set or separate. The pendant is 2 1/4" w/bail & 1 1/4" wide. It is just beautiful!! It is signed T. Yazzie. I am not sure which one it is as there are many Yazzie's.


Set Price: $350.00

Necklace Price: $89.00

Pendant Price: $275.00



Graduated Turquoise

& Sterling Silver Bali Bead



Rondell shaped graduated turquoise beads make up most of this necklace with Sterling Bail bead dividers. The largest is about 14mm to the smaller 7mm turquoise beads. The length is 19"long. The color is about dead on to the picture. Fairly chunky & heavy in weight.


Price: $120.00



Tassel Carnelian & Sterling

Silver Necklace


Very pretty necklace all in faceted carnelian 8x6 mm beads & sterling silver. With the drop it is 20 1/4" long. Actual necklace is 17" The big almost round bead is 20 mm (pretty large). The top of the necklace is one strand that leads into three strands & three strands on the tassel drop.


Price: $95.00



Turquoise Stone Cross



Great larger size chunky turquoise beads here that are about 13mm long. The turquoise carved cross is 1 1/2" x 1 1/2". It weighs 89 grams. It has sterling silver beads & a lobster claw clasp. This is a very popular look right now. It looks great alone or mixed with other chunky necklaces.


Price: $159.00




Very Old Dead Pawn

Sterling Silver & Turquoise

Squash Blossom Naja



If you are a collector of old Native American pieces this just might be for you!! I do not have any information on the piece but it is obvious it is very old & of course the patina is tarnished silver! A collector will wish it that way so I will not mess with it! I am thinking this dates back further than the mercury dime beaded squash blossoms making it probably very early 1900's. There are no hallmarks & that is normal for old pieces. It is very well made & heavy. I have never seen squash blossoms this thick & heavy. They measure 1" each. The Naja pendant is 3" x 2 1/2". It measures 24" long.

Weighs a whopping 197.8 grams!!!!!!! It is strung on a strong cable chain. I may be under pricing this because most I have seen somewhat the same have all run well over a thousand. My asking price is...


Price: $975.00 Reduced to $875.00






Sterling Silver Feather &

Turquoise Necklace


This necklace is so neat! I just can't keep everything as much as I would like to! This is done by well known artist Ben Begay. It is 22" long. The pendant is 4 3/4" long. The short feather is 1 3/4" & all the others are 2". Weighs 61.7 grams. The pendant does come off  if you want to use other ways. Very different piece.


Price: $399.00







Picture Jasper Pendant

With Antler Handle Knife


Yet another great piece done by Gary Edwards. I have been a fan of his for over 5 years now...He comes up with the best stuff!! Love this guy! This is a pendant that measures 1 5/8" x 1 3/8". The length with the knife is 3 5/8". The knife is almost 3" length & marked Liggitt. The hand made detachable chain is 29". Weighs 63.2 grams.


Price: $325.00