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Large Brass Heart Peace
This makes a great decorative wall hanging with some period style to it.
The wood shaft is wrapped in a thick medium reddish brown elk leather. The seed beads on the ends are red, light blue and dark blue. Same goes for the hanging glass beads. The gold beads are brass. The two large feathers are wild turkey wing feathers wrapped with red wool & sinew.
This Tomahawk measures 19" from end to end. Then the pipe bowl to the end of feathers and leather straps measure 21".
Price: $75.00




Peacock Feathered Peace

Pipe/ Tomahawk


This turned out very pretty. The wooden pipe stem is laced with golden buckskin and rabbit fur. Six strands of leather hanging down with two shades of green glass beads on them, along with brass colored beads to match the brass on the pipe. There are six peacock tail feathers and six peacock swords.

This Tomahawk measures 19" from end to end. Then the pipe bowl to the end of the feathers 25".


Price: $73.00 Sold I can make up another one


Combo Peace Pipe & Tomahawk


This would make a real nice display piece. The piece is made of brass with a wood wrapped center of brain tanned leather, diamond back rattlesnake & crossfox fur. The beads are brass & bone with some fluff feathers. It is 11" long x 8" with feather drop.


Price: $36.00 Sold





Decorative Brass Tomahawk


This is a large tomahawk that is brass with a heart cut out. It has a wood handle that is wrapped in a light buckskin, raccoon fur & diamond back rattlesnake. Measures 14 1/4" long x 6 1/2" with wild turkey feather drop.


Price: $48.00 Sold





Antler & Wood Peace Pipe


Large very nice decorative peace pipe. It is decorated in a rust colored suede, Coyote fur & wild turkey feathers. It measures 20" long x 13 1/2" with feather drop.


Price: $53.00