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Royston Ribbon

Real nice light colors in this stone. One very pretty vain of turquoise runs through it. An odd shape but nice because it is not so perfect. It measures 2 1/4" long with bail &
1 1/4" wide. It is signed R & Sterling.
Very pretty.
Price: $110.00
Light Amber & Sterling
This is a great light amber & Sterling pendant. It is listed under necklaces also because I have beaded a necklace that can be removed from it so be sure to check it out if you think you might want to go for both. It is about 2" long with the bail & 1 1/4" wide. The amber cab is about 28x22mm. It is signed KEE.
Price: $92.00

Turquoise & Sterling Bug Pin
This is not a pendant but if you look at the back you could slide a chain through it, so it could be either a pin or a pendant. I don't know what kind of bug he is supposed to be but he is one of the prettiest bugs I have ever seen. The turquoise body is beautiful! He is also very large 2 1/4" long & 2 1/2" wide. The large body piece is about 38x 21mm. Signed Gary G.
Price: $175.00Sold to me!! Guess he was meant to be mine!!

Wild Horse Turquoise &
Tiger Eye Horse Pin
Very modern striking pin. Horse lovers should really like this one. An added attraction is the name of the stone...Wild Horse!! It is a Turquoise with no turquoise color in it...go figure?? It is a white & brown color. The center darker color is Tiger Eye. Meaures 2 3/4" wide & 1 4/16" tall. Signed VC & Sterling.
Price: $68.00

Sugilite & Man Made Opal
Horse Pin
This is another nice pin just about like the above only slight silver difference & the stone is sugilite ( a deep purple) & man made opal. Very pretty combo! It is signed but by a different artist??? Signed A & Sterling. Measures 2 3/4" wide & 1 4/16" tall.
Price: $68.00

Wonderful Sleeping Beauty
Inlay Turquoise Pendant
This is a real nice little piece & very well made. It is signed B Begay (very well known artist). Measures 1 5/8" long w/bail & 3/4" wide
Price: $99.00

Large Real Turquoise
& Man Made Opal
Super pretty robins egg blue turquoise with man made lab created opal inlay necklace. Real nice inlay & silver work. It is 2 3/4" long & a tad over 1" wide. It is only signed sterling. Some artist still don't sign their work.
Price: $105.00Sold

Great Inlay Pendant
This is a small oval shaped pendant that is sterling silver. The inlay is multiple stones picture jasper, onyx and tiger eye. I love that it has some of the inlay in the bail also. It measures 1 1/2" long with bail & is 3/4" wide. It is signed GC. I have a necklace, bracelet & earrings listed on the jewelry set page that this goes perfect with!
Price: $65.00

Turquoise & Sterling Silver
Feather Pendant
I bought two of these with intentions of beading them into a necklace & may still if not sold before I get around to it. They will look nice on just a silver chain also...You decide! Gary Edwards made the cast for these really nice sterling silver pendants. The top one is 3 1/3" long including the bail & is 6/8" wide. The bottom one is 3" long & 10/16" wide.
Price: Above $55.00
Below $49.00

Large Wart Hog Tusk Pendant Set In
Sterling Silver
These have been very popular as a collector piece. It is BIG! The tusk is 6" from the start of the silver to the end point. From the bail straight down it 5 1/2" & 1" wide. The silver without the bail is 1 7/8" x 1". Turquoise stone with red coral give it the Southwest look. Weighs 80 grams! 
The chain is not included in the price but I will include free shipping if you purchase both. They do work well with each other It is a long 30" heavy Sterling Silver made in Italy. It weighs 74.9 grams!
Pendant Price: $300.00
Chain Price: $150.00 


Kokopelli Pin & Pendant

This combo pin & pendant is a very modernized version of The flute dancer known as Kokopelli. It is very neat! He is 1 1/2" tall &1" wide. As you can see from the back picture, it is signed.


Price: $49.00





Purple Charoit Pendant


This is a real, real nice transparent shimmering light purple. In the light it has so much depth to it...Really Beautiful! It is signed JE. It's 2 1/4" long w/bail & about an 1" wide.


Price: $98.00 Sold





Sunnyside Turquoise


This is a pendant from a well known family of silversmiths. This one is P. Sanchez. It is a very interesting turquoise with a neat mix of other colors...dark brown & black. It is 2" long with bail & 7/8" wide.


Price: $105.00




Larger Sunnyside

Turquoise Pendant

Here is another Phillip Sanchez sunnyside turquoise pendant. This is larger & the stone is quite amazing. It measures 2 1/8" long including the bail & 1 1/8" wide.


Price: $168.00





Large Shark Tooth Pendant


I have seen wire wrapped sharks teeth many times over but this is a first for me. Capped in sterling silver with a turquoise stone & piece of coral. It measures 2" long not including the bail & is 1' wide at it's widest area up top. It is signed C. Nase.


Price: $130.00





Royston Ribbon

Turquoise Pendant


Lots of matrix in this beautiful stone. The matrix is a very pretty tans & caramel color. There are two small vains of turquoise running through. This is a very popular Turquoise right now. I personally love all the browns in it. This piece measures 2" tall with bail & 1 6/16 wide. Signed R & Sterling.


Price: $110.00





Vintage Large Sterling Silver &

Turquoise Revamped Pendant


I came across this old pendent & thought with a little work it would be really cool. The top needed a bail & I was going to hang feathers off the little silver bar ( I don't know what that was on there for originally) above the feather but they did not hang right so they were added to the same area. The turquoise is a robyn egg blue & there is a 1 2/16" bear claw. The pendant with bail & feathers would be a little over 5 1/2" long & it is a little under 2 " wide. It is signed HY. Very unique piece!


Price: $175.00






Fossil Shell Pendant

By Yazzie

Nice little pendant in a nice little mount by L. Yazzie...One of the many well know artist in the family. I was told this is Fossilized shell but I am not 100% sure on that. Whatever it is it is a nice stone of two shaded of rusty brown. it measures 1 3/4" long with the fairly large bail & 3/4" wide at the widest point.

Price: $42.00





Super Nice All Sterling Silver

Bear With Feather

Pin or Pendant

This is a great piece...another I am having a hard time giving up. What is nice besides the great workmanship is that the large nice bail comes off & can be used with other pieces! It is 3" long with bail & 1 1/2" wide. Signed G.Y. Delgartto.

Price: $85.00



Wolf Claw With Hair On



Wonderful & unusual pendant by none other than Gary Edwards! He sure comes up with the goods! This piece is dressed up with a brain tanned leather background & topped with a nice sterling silver cap & bale. The cap has a small piece of red coral & a turquoise stone. it measures 3 1/8" long & 1 2/8" wide. The claw from the silver down to the end of the claw is 7/8". it's 15.7 grams.

PLEASE check your state laws before purchase!


Price: $189.00







Buffalo Tooth Pill Box 

Set In Sterling Silver


Another teriffic item designed by Gary Edwards. This is a real buffalo tooth with a sterling silver cap that opens to a pill box or possibles storage. Very unusual piece as are most of his pieces. It measures 4 1/4' long with bail & 1 5/8" wide. The tooth is about 2" from where the silver starts & down. The silver is about 1 3/4" top to bottom not including the bail. It weighs 90 grams...46.6 of it sterling silver. Has two sterling silver oak leaves, two turquoise stones & two pieces of red coral. The inside compartment is a pretty good inch deep.


Price: $335.00Sold




Very Large Lynx

Claw Pendant


I love it when I come across unusual & I find, saught after items & this would be an example. The bale is sterling silver with a real nice piece of red coral & silver leaf filigree. It measures 2 1/8" long & 6/8" wide. The claw is 1 6/8" coming around from where it comes out of the silver to the tip of the claw.

Check your state laws please!


Price: $150.00



2 1/4" wide & 2"tall. The stone is about 18 x 12mm. The stone has a tad bit of green or not quite as blue as the picture but not much difference. It will take a 1" belt. It is not halmarked but is is marked sterling. Weighs 35.9 grams.

Price: $99.00


Wow...I lost a whole row of listings )-:

I will relist some items soon...don't have record of what was here so if you had your eye on one you will need to discribe it to me....Wow bummed here!!