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Pheasant Tail Feather

Smudge Fan


Real nice fan! The feathers are the tail feathers along with a few smaller ones for decoration. There is a small buckskin wrap with a bone bead. The handel is a deeply carved feather. It is highlighted with a black wash & also torched for the brown color. Very different & pretty. It is 21" long & 3 1/2" wide.
Price: $62.00 Sold



Smudge Or Dance Fan

Great color in these fans. Red hackles (rust in color. The lower one a deeper rust) & other phesant feathers. It is attached to a beautifully buffed finished antler tip, one with a wood piece added on & the other with a replica Indian head penny on the bottom. It has a braided buckskin twisted fringe around the base of the feathers with a brass bead. They measures about 14" long not including fringe length & 5 1/4" wide. They both fit in a hand nice.
Very, Very Nice!
Price: $55.00
The below fan with Indian head penny has been Sold Can make one close to it...




Peacock & Duck Feather Fan

These are very decorative fans. The duck feathers are the dyed curly feathers & then there are the beautiful peacock feathers to highlight them. Each has glass & metal plated beads. All are about 25" long with fringe. The top feather part is 8" tall & 10" wide. They each have a hidden hang string on back in case you wish to display on a wall. Right now I have only these 3 made up so let me know in your email which color you are interested in...Purple,  Green Turquoise, or Burgandy.
Price: $32.00
Purple is sold



     Carved Antler & Turkey Wing 

                       Feather Fan


This is my most favorite fan done by Jeff II Hawks. I have had many but the design if two wolves along with four feathers & wolf paw carved into this 8" long & about 1 3/4" wide at widest point antler tip has just a really great design to it. The fur used is raccoon. The feathers are all wild turkey The large ones are wing feathers. Has some wrapping done in brain tanned leather. The length is 19" & width about 4 1/2". Very nice piece for sure!


Price: $98.00 Sold







Peacock & Red Pheasant Fan


This is a beauty! Peacock, I believe to be one of the most beautiful feathers out there. This fan proves it. As you can see even the back is pretty! It is 14" high not including the loop & 12 1/2" across. The handle is wrapped in a very nice soft steel blue suede. Feathers where humanely gathered during molting.


Price: $84.00




Another Wild Turkey Feather Fan


This wild turkey fan has a carved, antler handle with a four wolves around it & four feathers carved around it. The carving goes all the way around. The long feathers are wild turkey wing feathers & the short ones a wild turkey tail feathers This fan is 19 1/2"" long. Feathers 10" long & antler 9 1/2" long. It is 4 1/2" wide. The bottom has two brass brass & a red glass bead. Another Jeff II Hawks creation. The carving is something else!


Price: $82.00Sold





Pheasant Wing Feather

& Antler Fan


Wonderful little fan. The wing feathers are fanned out in there natural way. I have added some body feathers at the base to accent & add color. The mid section is wrapped with light buckskin & a brass bead. The deer is deeply carved into the antler handel & burned to give the definition. It measures about 16" long & 6" wide. You should not be disappointed!
Price: $62.00 Sold

      Colorful Pheasant Feather Fan
This fan as you can see has nice color to it. The handle is a buckskin color. I have added a braid up by the feathers for decoration. It has golden horn hair pipe beads along with red & yellow glass beads.  It would be a right hand fan. Measures 22" long with fringe & 3 1/2" wide.
Price: $55.00