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Massive Multi Stone Ring


This is done by a Spanish silversmith Fransisco Gomez. We have turquoise, purple & orange spiny oyster shell, mother of pearl, black jet stone & gaspite. I believe the center stone is a highly matrixed gaspite that is 1 1/4" tall & 3/8" wide. The ring is a size 8 & weighs 24 grams. A one of a kind!! 

Price: $159.00




HUGE Old Pawn

Turquoise Ring
I say old pawn but I really don't know the story on it. It could be from an estate. It is signed with a large David Masters inside & don't know if that was the owner or artist. It is in good shape. I show a picture of the back that looks like wear. I don't think it was ground down but could of been. It is a very heavy 24.9 grams. It is 1 3/4" long, 1 1/8" wide. The band is 5/16" wide. The size is a huge 13 1/2. Sorry the pictures look a little goldish but it is just glare. Very Cool for one BIG GUY!!
Price: $179.00




        Bear Claw Sterling,

Turquoise & Coral Ring
Gary Edwards is known for his unusual designs in jewelry & this shows it. Great looking ring! It is big on the finger. It is a 7 3/4 in size. It's 2" tall. Surprisingly it does not interfear with hand movement. Please check with your state laws before purchase of any jewelry with claws in it.
Price: $295.00
Please Note: The scrolls & stones vary a little & if you wish I can send a picture. If not your size I may be able to get the correct size.



Boulder Ribbon Turquoise

Ladies Ring


I just can't get enough of the beautiful ribbon turquoise especially when it is a piece like this! The colors are outsanding on this piece. If it were a bit smaller it would of been in my collection it just that nice. It is hallmaked SN 925 along with Sterling TG (maybe Tony Garcia?). Think it may of been team work. Size 8 1/4 & weighs 12.1 gram


Price: $169.00






Boulder Ribbon Turquoise

              Gents Ring


Yet another ribbon turquoise handsome ring set in thick, heavy sterling silver. The stone as you can see have alot of brown shade matrix but that is what I like about this type turquoise. This one is a large 12 3/4. It is a heavy 24.6 grams! It is hallmarked with an arrowhead along with saying Navajo & sterling. Great silver stampwork on both sides. Really,really me!


Price: $250.00












Long Kingman


What a great looking ring this is. The top picture is more true to color. It is 1 1/2" long & 1/2" wide. If you wear a size 8 you should be very happy with this ring The hallmark is an engraved bear. Weighs 7 grams
Price: $99.00

Two Tone Spiny
Oyster Ring
I have alot of orange spiny oyster but this two tone of light orange with purple running through it is very special let alone very pretty!! It is 1 1/8" long & 5/8" wide. Size 8. It is signed JS.
Price: $62.00
Turquiose &
Sterling Silver Ring
This ring would of been mine if it fit )-: I absolutely love it!! Great silverwork! It is signed MR. The stone is a robyn's egg blue with a little copperish brown matrix that measures 1/2" long & 1/4" wide. The ring itself is 1 3/8" long & 3/4" wide. It weighs out at 12.7 grams & the size is 10 1/4. A wonderful addition to ones jewelry me!
 Price: $120.00

Massive Turquoise Ring
I figured while I did a HUGE ring next door I would do another BIG one!. This is for a large woman or man. It is a large size 11 1/2". I don't know any background on this one weather it is new or old. It is signed B & sterling. The length is 1 14/16" & 1 3/8" wide. The band is a very wide 5/8". Weighs 38.9 grams. Nice green turquoise with alot of  caramel matrix. Very cool ring for a person who likes BIG!!
Price: $219.00

           Very Unusual
         Turquoise Ring
This ring is turquoise but I am sorry to say I do not want to guess what kind or where from. It sure is different with all the matrix in it. It is signed Peter Johnson Navajo. The size is 9. It is 1 1/8" tall & 1" wide. Very nice.
Price: $165.00
Large Lynx Claw Ring Set In Sterling Silver,
Turquoise & Red Coral
A wonderful silversmith Gary Edwards came up with this design done with different claws. This is a large lynx claw. The ring is a size 9 1/2. It stands 1 10/16" tall. I can get other sizes in this ring. Wait time may vary.
Price: $250.00

Boulder Ribbon
Turquoise Ring
I am listing several of these because they are very popular right now & I am sure you can see why...very pretty stuff!! This one is a size 9 1/2 Hallmarked MP on th back & P. Sanchaz & Sterling on the band. It is 1 1/4" tall & a little over 3/4" wide.
Price: $159.00

   Beautiful Turquoise

          Ring By RB


What a beautiful stone in this ring hallmarked with RB inside a bear figure. The ring size is a large 11. The stone is about a 20x10mm & weighs 9.7 grams. Not real heavy but it is a large ring in length & width and ring size. Very, Very nice ring & not way up there in price!


Price: $89.00






Sunshine Reeves 

Turquoise Ring
Just a great ring! Sunshine Reeves part of a wonderful family of silversmiths has done it again! The item runs the bucks but you are getting quality work. The ring is a size 10. It is 6/8" wide. Heavy silver in a beautiful design...15.5 grams. I am taking a guess on the type of turquoise...I think it is Pilot Mt. Looking around you can't beat my price!
I had someone interested but did not purchase because he said he thought the stone was cracked. I have to say in the picture it looks like it is but I assure you it is not!
Price: $210.00 

More Royston Ribbon
Another beautiful piece. The robin blue turquoise along with creams & caramel matrix. Host rock is limonite. This one is a size 8 1/2  . It is 1 1/4" long & a little over 3/4" wide. Signed MP & P. Sanchez??? Maybe a duel effort?? At any rate a real nice piece!
Price: $159.00

Men's Turquoise, Onyx, Opal
& Sterling Ring 
Nice clean line, simple mans ring. Lots of  broken up matrix of the light blue/green (more blue than green), browns & caramels. It weighs 14.0 grams & is about 5/8" tall. The size is 12 1/4. It is marked sterling but has no halmark. The opal is probably man made as most are these days... Very nice!
Price: $125.00

Long Turquoise, Spiny
Oyster & Lapis Ring
Done by Spanish silversmith Fransisco Gomez. He has great one of a kind Native American in style items. This ring has 2 stones & a shell set in sterling silver. The top & bottom are about 14x10mm & the center turquoise stone is about 16x12mm. It is 2 1/8" tall!!! Weighs 19 grams. It is a size 7 1/2. My ring finger size is 7 1/2 & this feels nice on even though it goes past my knuckle bend. I may end up keeping this...It is very neat & unusual...Love it!!
Price: $159.00 Sold

Ray Jack Inlay Ring
Wonderful mix of inlay by well known Navajo Ray Jack. There is turquoise, malichite, red coral, spiny oyster, mother of pearl & a little stripe of onyx. It is 1 1/8" long & 5/8" wide & a size 8 1/2. I am told it retails for $160.00...Not Here!
Price: $98.00 

Boulder Ribbon
Turquoise Ring
The turquoise ribbon that runs through this piece is such s pretty color of robin egg blue. Face measures 1 1/4" tall by 1" wide. The band  is simple on this piece. Signed D. Piaso Jr. on the band.
Price: $129.00