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Deer Antler Lamp

I have to husband helps me
out with these one of a kind designs.
I design it, he drills it. Then I do the
finishing work. Yes, the cord runs
through the center of the antler.The
drilling is quit a trick so don't try this
at home!! Leave it to us to design one
that will work for you! The silhouette
shade is included with the original vinyl lacing!
The rabbit skin is
probably on one of my burden baskets
by now, it is not included. LOL If you have
ever priced antler lamps, you will know
I am reasonable with my price. This
lamp is 21" tall, 11 1/2"" at its widest spread. 
Shade is 9"
high, top 5", bottom 14". There are two
large fairly large antlers used to make this lamp.
Price with vinyl lace shade: $179.00
Price with leather lace shade (shown): $194.00

                    Three Antler Lamp
I have used 3 antlers to make up this one. It stands 19" tall & 13" wide. The shade measures the same as the one above. The shade shown is with the leather lace. On the pull I have added an antler tip.
Lamp with leather lace shade $204.00
Lamp with vinyl lace shade    $189.00




          Non Typical Deer Antler Lamp


This lamp has two dark hard brown colored antlers. The cord is in the tall antler so not to show much

of the cord. This lamp also comes with the

shade. If you would like one with real buckskin

lace (as shown), see below. The lace on the factory shade is vinyl. If you do not wish for any

shade, subtract $15.00 from the price below. 

This one measures 21 1/4 " tall, 16 1/2"  wide.


Price with vinyl shade: $199.00   Sold

Price with leather lace shade: $214.00




Small Three Antler

Hard White Lamp
Another great looking lamp. Cord is also enclosed in the tall antler so not to show much. This lamp is shown with a buckskin laced shade. The shade is $15.00 more than the shades with the vinyl lace. This lamp measures 17 1/2 " tall, 10 1/2 " wide
Price with no shade: $125.00
Price with vinyl lace shade: $140.00 
Price with leather lace shade: $155.00 Sold Hope to make up another small one here soon!




Antler Lamp Finals

Top your antler lamp, one of my antler lamps or any lamp with one of these real antler lamp finals! Both of these are about the same size. They are about 3" wide & 6" tall including the brass screw on base. They are buffed for a nice shine.
Price: $22.00 each




                Antler Topped Wine

                     Bottle Opener


Nice hard brown antler with rosette top that has a

cow skull with feathers in the center of it. Great for a Cowboy or Cowgirl wine lover. It is 8 3/4" by 2 1/2".
Price: $49.00 

Three Candle Holder of
Brass & Antler
Hugh antler that has been drilled and has three brass candle cups that screw on. Makes it easy for cleaning up. Comes without candles.
Measures 13 1/2" by 10 1/2". The rosette is about 2 1/4 "!
Price: $85.00




Single Antler & Brass

Candel Holder
Smaller version of the above. Real nice for just a simple decoration or you can add more items around this to jazz it up. It is 10"x 71/2" & 4 3/4' tall.
Price: 39.00 

Very Cool Antler Carving
This carving was done by Jeff II Hawks out of Colorado. I never did ask him from what tribe he follows after. Maybe I will be lucky in the spring when I might see him to ask. He is a wonderful artist and very nice man.
This antler is stationed on a 4 3/4" by 2 3/4" light oak wood block. There are four feathers carved (2 front, 2 back) along with an eagle on the bottom tip. The antler w/block is 8" high.
Price: $52.00

            Antler Toothpick Holder


Something a little extra for the antler lovers! This is 2 1/2" tall (not including toothpicks!) & 3" long.


Price: $22.00Sold but can make another






Antler Whistle Key Chain


I have burned two feathers into this whistle key chain made by Bonecarver. Very high pitch.

Keep your woman safe!


Price: $30.00





          Antler Picture Frame Stand


This is a notched out antler to hold the frame with an added antler piece to stabilize antler. It is all buffed up for a nice shine. The frame with fancy silver corners is included. It is 4"x6". Overall it is 9" wide & 5 1/2" tall. Real antler, real nice!


Price: $36.00 Sold






     Antler Slice Necklace

I have burned two feathers in this piece that is on a brain tanned cord along with four very nice antique brass beads & two, two toned brown glass beads. The necklace can be worn on either side. The length of the antler is 3 1/4". The cord is adjustable. Very different piece!
Price: $38.00

                  Antler Band Rings


About says it all! These range in size & if I don't have your size made up I may be able to make it if I have a wide or less wide piece that will make it. Contact me if interested! Thanks!


Price: $18.00 each


Antler & Brass Shoe Horn


Highly polished antler with a deer hoof I have carved into the rosette. Works best for a right hand but works for both. The antler piece is 4 3/4" long the total length is 18" long. The center is wrapped in  a light brown or saddle tan leather. I have added a leather strip with some brass & ceramic painted beads. Something for someone who has just about everything!


Price: $42.00  Sold...can & will make another one, one day! 



Brass & Antler Back Scratcher


The antler has a deer hoof I carverd into the base of the antler then torched to highlight it. It is then all buffed up for a nice shine. The center rod is wrapped in a light gold colored buckskin. I have added a few brass & ceramic painted beads to a leather strip. The antler has nice angle for using over your shoulder.  The antler measures 3 1/2". The total length is 18" long.


Price: $39.00 Sold but can make another close to it!





Four - Three Piece Antler & Stainless

Place Settings


If your really into cabin type gotta have a set of these. I searched high & low to find antlers that would best work for the set. That was a real job in itself! This is the first set I have made in a more modern set. I also do period 3 prong forks. I hope one day to find time to make myself a set for my great new 2 room being kitchen! The price may seem high but they come out to only 18$ each piece. I think that is a bargin. I have priced them in catalogs & they are outrageous. All real antler, not resin so they vary a little bit.


Price: $215.00



Domed Indian Head Penny Pendant

On Antler Rosette


Just finished up some antler rosette pendants. This one is with a Indian Head Penny. It is 1 1/2" with the copper bail & a little over 1" round. Neat little piece!


Price: $24.00



Antler Rosette Concho Style Pendant


Little larger than the above penny pendant. About 1 1/4" round. Nice quality silver concho center.


Price: $26.00




Antler Rosette With Ram Carving


I know it is sorta hard to see the carving in this antler but trust me it is more 3D than it looks in the picture. If this is your sign & you like antler then this is for you! it is about 1 1/4" around.


Price: $32.00



Buffalo Nickle & Antler Rosette



This is a really great looking piece. The nickle is not real but you can hardly tell. It is domed & placed in this nice size & colored antler rosette. It is about 1 3/4" around. I normally make these into drawer pulls but this size did not match the ones I was working on at the time so made it into a pendant...NICE!


Price: $36.00







                      Antler Deer Hoof Brass Bell


This is an old brass bell I bought on Ebay. Cut off the handle and added the antler handle. In the top rosette

area I carved in a deer hoof, burnt a little antique look into it. The antler is buffed up for a nice shine. 

Very nice sound, high pitch. Great item for anyone, super item for a bell collector.

It measures 4 4/8 tall, bell base is 2 1/4.



Price: $38.00




Antler Tip Candle Snuffer


The original brass handle has been cut off & replaced with this antler tip. The antler has been buffed up for a nice shine. This is not a real fancy one like I sometimes make but it is one I can remake to look very close as I sell one.

It measures 12" long & 2" tall.



Price: $15.00





Brass & Carved Antler Candle Snuffer


Two feathers have been carved into this two tine antler tip. I then burned it to show the detail. It is highly buffed for a nice shine. It measures 10 1/4" long.


Price: $29.00 Sold







                             Antler Cabinet Pulls


Here are two sets of cabinet pulls. The top set are

on a gold finish back & the concho button centers

are brass. I put these in my bathroom and just love

the rich look they have to them.

The second set has a silver finish back & buffalo

nickel button centers. Screws are included with each

set. They both measure the same 1 1/2".



Price: $35.00 each set of two 






                              Antler Handled

                            Magnifying Glass



This 3 1/4" around magnifying glass has a very pretty silver filigreed base that has a horn or stone carved piece on each side of it. It looks like a carved bird. The handle for this is  a very cool piece of antler I found that was going to be a fan but when I put it up with the glass it found it's place. The top is a piece of dark walnut wood. I then buffed it all up for a nice shine.The antler handle has a neat, unusual swirl in it. The total length is 11 1/2". The widest part of the antler is a tad over 3 1/4". I do not know the magnification of it, but it seems to have a fairly high one to me. Very attractive table or desk piece.


Price: $62.00 Sold




Large Face Antler Handle Magnifying Glass


A classic for your office desk! It had a cheapie handle on it & I added this nice colored antler piece instead. It is 9 1/2" long & 4" wide. Sorry about the shadows in the glass! The box was not marked with the magnification it works good for me & should you also.


Price: $55.00Sold






                        Antler Handle Magnifying Glass


Right now for some reason my antler handle magnifying glasses are hot so here is a new one! It has the whole antler. I let it curve this way because it holds in your hand nice sideways & it looks neat. the glass is 3 1/4" the antler 7" so all together that makes it 10 1/4". The top is a silver filigre color with an insert on each side. It is I believe carved horn. Looks like a bird. 


Price: $59.00




            Tiny Little Antler Handled Magnifying Glasses


I went ahead & made up two of these while I was at it...They are just plain cute! These are little spike antler tips...the whole antler except for a small amount cut off the top for the glass. The glass is 1 1/2" the total length of both are about 5 1/2". One I have a silver star on the bottom the other a small piece of turquoise. They both will be the same price.


Price: $28.00 eachSold





Antler Wine Bottle Opener


This antler wine opener has multi layered wood tips on three spots. It is pinned for strength. Has a nice feel to the hand.

It's 8 3/4" wide and 5 3/4" long.


Price: $42.00






       Antler Fan Pulls


These fan pulls will vary. Please let me know if you want one or more like the ones to the left with an extra tine or if you want one like the ones to the right (a single spike).

They average 8" not including the about 8" brass chain that can be cut easy with a pair of small clippers if you wish it shorter.


Price: $12.00...the two to the right...Two tine


Price: $11.00...the two to the left...One tine



Antler & Steer Horn Tip Fan Pulls


Two left antler & one right steer horn carved pulls average  2 1/2" -3" All above pictures with a high polish finish.  Price: $12.00


Long antler tip pulls average 5 1/2" - 6 1/2"  Price: $10.00

Short antler tip pulls average 3 1/2" - 4 1/2"  Price: $8.00


Steer horn tip pulls (no design) average 2" - 2 1/2"  Price: $8.00


Please note that items may vary from picture. Any specical request must be discussed. Thanks!






                         Wine Bottle Antler Rack


This rack is made with three nice sized antlers. It is a very striking decorative piece. The bottle sits secure and can go cork up or down.

Measures 13 1/2" long and 9" wide. This does not include any bottle measurements. Rosettes are about 1 1/2" average. It looks very cool the

way the one sort of wraps around the top of the bottle.


Price: $96.00


Antler, Wood & Horn Pipe


For ones tobacco smoking pleasure is this very different pipe. A feather is carved into the antler on both sides as well as a design around the stem & base. The tip of the stem is steer horn & the base is a medium colored wood. I aquired alot of wood scraps from a friend & I am not up on the names of each wood. I then tourched the design to show the carving work. Really turned out neat!

Measures 3" tall & 2 3/4" wide


Price: $50.00 Sold





Large Antler, Horn & Real Buffalo Nickel Pipe


Well that about says it all! Highly polished...about 4 1/4" long & 2 1/2" tall. Nickel is inlaid.


Price: $50.00 Sold




Antler & Turquoise Pipe


Great little pipe! Both sides have a 8x6 mm turquoise stone set into the antler. This is 2" tall & 3 1/4" wide. It does stand nicely on it's own.


Price: $39.00





                 Non Typical Antler & Steer Horn Peace Pipe


This is one wild looking pipe! It was free standing till I added the stem so I added a little antler tip leg to it with a steel rod. The stem is wrapped in buckskin & in the center wrapped in blue green seed beads. The fringe pieces have brass & small green glass beads with small pheasant feathers. I have made a steer horn mouth piece with a real nice golden color to it. This is a rather large item. the stem is 8 3/4" & the antler is 13" from bowl to long stem leg end.

Very unusual one of a kind piece!

Price: $79.00 Sold







             Antler Peace Pipe


I try to come up with different pipes all the time because the are popular & fun to make. This one has 3 tines. It stands on it's own with a little help of a brass bead pinned into the antler. It has a 4" bone hairpipe stem. There are 4 small pheasant feathers hanging off of it with a strip of buckskin & held on with small brass beads. It is about 6 1/2" long, 4 1/4" tall & 4" wide. Neat little pipe!


Price: $45.00Stolen! LOL





Table Top Large Antler & Feather Peace Pipe


This is the second of I feel many of these I will be making. I think they will sell fast because of how cool looking they are turning out. A great decorative piece & functional. The round disk is also antler that hides the feather bases. The stem is bamboo with some buckskin wrapped on part of it & the top of it has an antler mouth piece. It is done in assorted feather...wild turkey, pheasant, grouse & more. They are a nice mix of rust, browns, dark tan & black. It measures 9" tall, 9 1/2" wide & about 11 1/2" deep. The round disk is 1 3/4". I am sure you will enjoy this piece!


Price: $79.00Sold but will be making another when time allows!




Deer Antler Tip Necklace


These deer tip necklaces are highly buffed for a nice shine. The beads are brass & 1/2" hairpipe bone beads I have dyed in tea for an aged look that is close to the antler color. They are on a  long deerskin strip that average 26" so they can be long or short. The tips average 1 1/2". Please note each has it's own caricature so they are not all the same exact tips shown.


Price: $8.00 each




Indian Head Penny & Antler Rosette



This is a real Indan Head Penny set in an antler rosette. It has copper beads & clasp. It has 1 1/2" bone hair pipes that are plashed with a medium brown dye. The length is 24" long. The rosette is about 1 1/8" around. Really nice if I do say so myself! LoL!


Price: $39.00