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This is really some exceptional piece! Native Jeff II Hawks carved this beauty. I collect a lot of his work but I can't keep it all to myself so here it is. The four corners starts the center design along with other graphics and feathers. The antlers are also carved the right one has a feather at the end tip & a wolf on the second tip. Six deer tracks run along the side of that antler. The left antler has an eagle on the end tip & a wolf on the second tip, third tip, a feather. The side of the antler has 6 wolf tracks running along it.

This is all carved into the antler/skull & then wiped with a black dye to stand out. The skull is stuffed with sage as a tribute to the animal. Antlers are what I would call a non-typical set. They are a little unusual. It measures about 14 1/2" tall and 11" wide.

Carved Deer Skull & Antlers

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