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This is my most popular gourd! I can hardly keep up with making them. Yes, this is one that if it sells I can make another one. As a matter of fact I usually have two made

up at a time. So if you like it & this one is sold I can send you a picture of the next one or two made up. It has the pheasant feather fan front with an antiqued gold concho. The beads are antiqued gold, redish brown glass and bone.

I have natural rough edged saddle buckskin around the top along with a braided finish on the top (I can do a feather edge around the top if you think you would like it better than the braid). This one has a ring to hold it in place. Not all gourds are the same shape & this one needed a little help. The ring actually looks good with it. It is wrapped in leather. 

Measures 6" tall and about 7 3/4" wide.


Price: $68.00     I have another one almost done & will have up soon!

Feather And Concho Gourd

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