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This wonderful cuff is much like the above only larger but less weight. Meaning it would be for a larger wrist & I can sell it for a bit less. Both are very nice cuffs. This one measures 5 7/8 inside with a  1 1/2" opening. This should fit a 8" wrist nicely. I weighs 79 grams & is 1 1/2" wide. Three nice size pieces of turquoise that are on an average 18 mm. Larger stones than the above cuff. The artist is Mike Thomas...same artist that did the HUGE bear claw cuff shown above. Please know or check your state laws before purchase of black bear claws. I am letting this one go for the price below & ya can't do any better than that & if you do someone is practically giving it to you! LOL!

Large Bear Claw Cuff Of Sterling & Turquoise

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