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This is a very special piece. It has a bear in the top left, a sun face to the right. A large badger claw bottom left and a four corners or medicine wheel on the bottom right, all wood burned in and with leather dyes for color. The center is a real 40 X 30 black onyx cabochon with saddle braiding and small peacock feathers around it. The outer left edge is done with peacock swords and tail feathers. In between them are African porcupine quills set in with tin cones. The outer right edge is done with tin cones and black horse hair. Towards the bottom are four strands of the saddle tan buckskin adorned with dark turquoise, deep red, black and silver beads. There is a jingle cone on the end of each strand of beads. It measures 45" long and 21" wide.

Large Wall Hanging Kachina Gourd

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