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Thomas Singer is known throughout the world. He is Navajo & alot of his designs originate from Navajo traditional rug designs. The gold & silver beads are a good example of that. This is a 27" chunky necklace that weighs much more than most. It weighs 100 grams!!! Most are running 60 to 80 grams. His beads are what ring these necklaces up. They are all hand made & this one has 2 beads with part 12kt overly. The others are all sterling. The gold & silver beads are 15mm round & 7/8" long. There are many out there that copy with nice but mass produced silver beads. The stones are turquoise, tiger eye, onyx, red jasper, red coral, lapis, chrysoprase & mother of pearl. I am proud to carry one of his nicer pieces.  .

Tommy Singer Beaded Necklace

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