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First, I must tell you as many of my regular customers would notice, I have a new website location. I liked my old website but ever changing progress is forcing me to do so. I hope you like what you see & please note that I am still in the process of getting everything in order & updated. Might be a while before it is really officially finished. The gentleman that is helping me transfer my sight said my cart is not activated so please contact me if you find an item you are interested in. I have a bit of a dilemma on how to do this new sight. I would like to have a cart but if I sell an item at a show that there is only one of & someone buys the item in a cart...well we got a problem there! We are working on it and will update soon how we end up doing this. For now if you are reading this & want something...just please contact me & I would be happy to answer questions & hopefully have the item here for you. 

Ok Then...Happy Spring to all!! It's on to filling orders & restocking for Spring and so it goes! LOL  Every year goes by a bit faster. I will be adding new items now & then before I get busy with shows & some in between.


 I want to say thanks to all my customers  old & new!! I love talking with you all! This websight stuff is great! I have talked to so many people all over the world. Which by the way, I have started some international shipping for those out there that might be wondering & interested! I do ask for serious inquiries only though please. 


 I know in the past year I have not been doing my web sight duties as I should have... I know I have to replace a lot of sold items. I am so sorry. Please bare with me...I will be trying to get some new items on soon & taking out a lot of the sold unreplaceable items. Now on to a bit about me...


I have gone by the name "Sher III Feathers" for about twelve years now. The name, was given to me at my request, by Chief Turtle. I was told this is the way names are given. One would go to the Chief of the tribe and give a reason why he or she should be named the name they have decided they would like. Then the Chief decides if that person is worthy of the name, and if so then grants the name. My reason behind my name was, with the items I make, I use many feathers, most times three or more per creation.

He agreed this would be a good name. "Many Feathers" would of been good also but hey what's done is done! 


My items are almost always with a Southwest flare. I doubt you will see anything that is not but I won't swear on that! I am a self-taught artist. I have enjoyed doing arts and crafts as long as I can remember. I have been on the show circuit for about 20 years.


I do on an average, 5 or 6 shows a year, mostly around my home town of Cincinnati, Ohio. I used to do 12 to 14 but do to my husbands health & a job that keeps him from helping me I had to cut back. Unfortunately I have had a few health issues also but I am not a quitter!! I am still out there at shows & if not I am right here for you! 


I will be showing a lot of gourds along with numerous other items like dreamcatchers, medicine wheels, sun catchers, mandella's, jewelry, walking sticks, peace pipes antler items & more. I am considered 'Mixed Media' at shows and the reason for this is I like to make a lot of different items as I have listed above... not just gourds, although I love working with them. You may notice that all or most items are of a Southwestern theme. I am very inspired by the many wonderful Native American artists out there. I do not however, sell items I make as having been made by a Native American, as I have not researched my heritage back far enough to do so. That does not mean I do not hold Native American blood. I have to tell you this, my Grandmother told me one time (and I had to laugh!!) that she did not know if there was any Native American blood in our history, but that she did know members of our family were very fond of them!!! I think that tells you something! From time to time, I may sell some items that are Native American or are made by someone other than myself. I will state that in the items description. Some creations are a mixture of my work & another artist or two to come up with the finished piece. Items I make are not necessarily traditional. I just make it my style with maybe some traditional flair in there.


I hope you find this sight interesting. Please do not hesitate to Email me with any questions. I will get back as soon as I possibly can. Don't forget to add me to your favorites for quick return visits.

Thank You,

 - Sher

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