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I have to husband helps me

out with these one of a kind designs.

I design it, he drills it. Then I do the

finishing work. Yes, the cord runs

through the center of the antler.The

drilling is quit a trick so don't try this

at home!! Leave it to us to design one

that will work for you! The silhouette

shade is included with the original vinyl lacing!

The rabbit skin is

probably on one of my burden baskets

by now, it is not included. LOL If you have

ever priced antler lamps, you will know

I am reasonable with my price. This

lamp is 21" tall, 11 1/2"" at its widest spread. 

Shade is 9"

high, top 5", bottom 14". There are two

large fairly large antlers used to make this lamp.

Deer Antler Lamp

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