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They are all solid copper & all very nice. Many feel these help with pain. the metal does something to relieve pain. I do not know for sure...just passing on what I have heard. Ok now, the bottom one is  about 5/16" wide...chunky. The opening is 1" & it is a of 5 1/2" inside so total 6 1/2". The top right is about 1/4" wide. The opening is 1 1/4" & it is 5 1/4" so another about 6 1/2". The top left is about 1/4" wide. The opening is 1" & Inside measure about 5" so it totals out at 6". They do not have a halmark but I was told they are by E Tahe. They can be adjusted a little.

Three Nice Twisted Copper Cuffs

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