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I have tried to contact the artist of this carving of this super nice eagle in wart hog tusk. I only remember him by his first name Gary & don't want to guess his last name. Anyway...I have made this up into a sweeeeeet little knife! The eagle has glass eyes & measures 7" total. The tusk is 3 1/2" including the wood base with a brass strip running through it. The blade is 3 1/2" & has Rockwell Hardness Tested Rc 60 on it. I left it on it but it can be buffed off. It's a nice blade. It's a nice knife!!! Antler slab base goes with it. If you intend to use this knife & wash it do not leave it sitting in water because of the wood. Wash & dry!

Wart Hog Tusk carved Eagle Knife

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